AG Barr calls out George Soros for “subverting our legal system”


George Soros has funded races for district attorneys and sheriffs throughout the nation, funding the furthest left who are soft on crime. They have caused disorder and anarchy, releasing murderers and demonizing the police.

Attorney General Bill Barr has taken it on. In an interview with Martha MacCallum, he called out the leftist billionaire for subverting our legal system, causing more crime and violence.



The Soros DAs are dangerous. They have a far-left social justice agenda and they want to release criminals, not prosecute them.

The Philadelphia DA, Larry Krasner is one of them and crime is way up. He’s releasing murderers without bail and forcing sentence reductions for the worst criminals. According to PhillyMag, “Gun-related violent crime is rising in Philadelphia. The police force is demoralized. Victims of crimes, their families, and advocacy groups feel betrayed.”


George Soros and his son are funding these races in Florida and other states despite the fact that they live in New York.

These DAs Are Communists

George Soros funded the new San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, who is the son of two terrorist murderers and was raised by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, two Weather Underground terrorists. Chesa won’t prosecute a lot of crimes.

The anti-law enforcement DA in St. Louis, Kim Gardner has an exclusion list of police she has decided can’t testify. She won’t prosecute drug dealers in many cases. Gardner blamed the police for shooting a drug dealer who tried to shoot them.

Then there’s the infamous Kim Foxx who let the very guilty Jussie Smollett go without charges.

There are dozens more in Texas, San Diego, throughout the nation, causing mayhem.

Howie Carr discussed a few of them on Tucker’s show. One of them is Queens DA Tiffany Cuban, a Soros-backed communist Democrat and self-described Queens ‘queer.’




  1. Insignificant really, but I’m thinking that Chesa Boudin was named after Joanne Chesamard the radical blk cop killer and member of Ayers Weather Underground. She needs to be brought out of Cuba and made to stand trial in the US.
    Sor.os needs to be turned over to Russia for past crimes committed in their region.

  2. Chesimard not Chesamard. She was a black panther and founder of the black liberation army, a violent cop killing group.

  3. In what way has Barr taken it on? Isn’t he doing a Graham/Gowdy type act, complaining and doing nothing? Barr needs to focus on the massive criminal scandal he is supposed to be investigating. Tom Fitton of JW says he sees no evidence that any grand juries have been formed yet.

  4. The first step to fighting this is to turn on the light and let people know what is going on. Presumably if the voters get the information the voters will be smart enough to not elect the leftist subversives in the first place – I, however, have no such confidence, I think voters, for the most part, are morons! It is truly a miracle our Republic has hasted this long!

  5. In this video, he says he thinks Traders should have more regulations, but then took his business out of the country so he didn’t have to follow those same regulations. Than with the wealth he earned overseas by not following our regulations, he uses to influence our politics. And we are talking about other countries influencing our elections while giving him a pass. This guy funnels millions to Democrats, yet if he funneled millions to Republicans liberal heads would explode. It’s about time he be held to account.

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