AG Bill Barr did NOT make the decision to let FBI official skate


On August 7th, we published information about 14 FBI agents who were leaking information to the press with only 4 prosecuted. Sara Carter also gave the name of the FBI official who took gifts from journalists. A decision was made to no prosecute him and Carter said definitively it was made under Bill Barr. That was not accurate. It was made before he came into office. She did not say who made the decision.

Bryan Paarmann

Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a report in May indicating that an FBI Deputy Assistant Director took gifts from journalists. Horowitz did not reveal the name of the official but reporter Sara Carter has the name through sources. It is Bryan Paarmann.

She wrote that several officials confirmed the name.

He was transferred to another department by Director Wray but is currently on leave without a security clearance. He was not prosecuted.

The decision to decline prosecution was made by Attorney General William Barr, Carter reported.

On ‘Hannity’ August 8, she announced that it was not under Barr.

In her original report, she wrote: A senior DOJ official confirmed: “that the decision by the Department of Justice to decline prosecution was made before William Barr was Attorney General.”


That’s a serious error. I and a lot of other people saw this as Bill Barr letting a guilty person escape justice. Many are looking to Barr to exact justice.

Hannity said on his show that by the Fall, there will be confirmation that everything they said was right. Fine, but will anyone at the DOJ/FBI pay any price at all? It remains to be seen.


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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Waiting for true justice to happen getting tired of hearing of how great Barr is, need some results.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 years ago

An honest AG would reverse that decision. At this point, after Barr cleared Comey, I listen to no excuses. Sara Carter should not focus on excuses for Barr. When she does that, she appears to be cheering for the “good guys” over justice.

Conservatives covering this set of scandals should be attacking the decision to clear Comey, not doing so reduces their credibility.