AGENDA 21, We are from the United Nations and we are here to help you


Agenda 21, like Area 51 sounds almost sinister. When one realizes it comes to us from that place in New York City that is famous for hot air emissions and “perfectly executed plans” called the United Nations, one realizes that it is not only sinister but also downright dangerous.

Let us run through a potential scenario when and if Agenda 21 (A21) comes to your Town.

The Town has been “helped” to institute A21 by many helpful people. To help with the finalization of the plan, some of these same people are placed in some of the Town Agencies. Which ones? Oh I don’t know, perhaps Code Enforcement!

The time now comes when you have decided to sell your house and move to a place that has lower taxes and higher temperatures. You call your friendly realtor and tell them your plan. Hold on “big fella”, you are told; first you must have your house inspected by the Town Code Enforcement Agency. OK! You say what’s the big deal? You call and make arrangements to have it inspected. The Inspector comes, and little do you know, he is part of that elite group known as the Environmental Police (E.P.). He does the inspection and you find that your dream house is a naughty little environmental Miss Piggy. The E.P. tells you, your windows and doors do not comply with A21 standards; your insulation is substandard and your bathroom and kitchen fixtures are water-wasting pigs. All your round light bulbs must be replaced by those swiggly ones that are made in China. The boiler you installed five years ago is just not up to par; and by the way, the heater on your pool must be replaced by solar panels (most likely made in China).

You tell the E.P. you cannot possibly afford to make the needed changes. He replies, not to worry, I have a list of approved contractors who are A21 authorized to do this type of work, and will most likely be able to obtain the needed financing for you. I look at the list and don’t see any contractors that I have been dealing with over the 30 years that I have been in the house. He assures me that they are approved (whatever that means).

I have the work done by one of the “approved” contractors and he arranges a low interest loan to finance his work. Although the work does not really meet my standards, it doesn’t matter because I am now on my way “out of here”. The realtor now comes by and appraises my house. I’m surprised that the price she quotes is so low. I ask why? She states the now obvious, “you don’t expect a potential buyer to pick up the costs of the improvements you made”. After about a year in which I had to lower the selling price several times, a deal is reached. As I leave, many thousands of dollars short of what I expected; I meet the E.P. guy who has come to collect the Federal sales tax for the sale of my home (in case you haven’t read the affordable healthcare bill, it’s in there). I start to complain to him. He holds up his hand and tells me, “comrade, as one of the ‘haves’ you must sacrifice for many of the world’s ‘have nots’”.  As I get in my car to drive to my new home in a southern trailer park, I think, “thanks to the United Nations I have now become one of the have-nots”.



Frank Rauch



Editor’s Note: Please contact your representatives and tell them what you think about this issue: toll free numbers include 1-877-851-6437 and 1-866-220-0044, or call 1-202-225-3121

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