Agent 1 Said, “Awesome. Lied his ass off…aint noone gonna do sh*t” 


Asked how the interview with Clinton’s IT tech went, Agent 1 responded, “Awesome. Lied his ass off…aint noone gonna do sh*t”

There is strong evidence contained in the OIG’s report that shows the Agents involved in the HRC email case knew people were lying and they also believed no one would be prosecuted.

The Inspector General’s report included texts exchanged between two agents who were romantically involved and later married. Both held a deep hatred of Donald Trump and were enthusiastic supporters of Hillary Clinton. The report identifies them as Agent 1 and Agent 5.

Agent 1 is one of four agents who interviewed Clinton about her personal server during the probe [the MidYearExams].


On November 1, 2016, Agent 1 exchanged text messages with an unidentified agent who asked wrote: “A horrible shit sandwich. Still no[grand jury] I imagine. So, you find Huma lied; BFD. No one at DoJ is going to prosecute.” .[p.391]

Agent 1 replied: “Rog – noone is going to pros[ecute] even if we find unique classified. [Grand jury] story was inaccurate – 50+ GJsubpoenas and 2703d issued,”

He explained further: “…We only had several warrants and a lot of consent searches on media. I would have liked to use warrants for all because the consent agreements had limited scope. Reasonable scope, but I don’t like to stand on the lawn and have the occupants throw out the evidence to us.”


February 4, 2016, Agent 1 had a conversation with another agent about an interview into Hillary Clinton’s personal IT staffer. [possibly Combetta. The agents said Combetta lied but there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute]

After being asked how it went, Agent 1 replied: “Awesome. Lied his ass off, Went from never inside the scif [sensitive compartmented information facility] at [Clinton’s residence], to looked in when it was being constructed, to remove the trash twice, to troubleshot the secure fax with HRC a couple times, to everytime there was a secure fax i did it with HRC. Ridic.”

That looks like evidence.

He added, “aint noone gonna do sh*t” in regards to potential criminal charges.” [p.146]

It is illegal to lie to federal prosecutors, and, as we know, General Flynn has been prosecuted for lying although the agents did not believe he was lying. They thought he was confused and forgetful.


The report included other exchanges that revealed Agent 1’s belief that the outcome of the probe was preplanned although he told the OIG he had no evidence it was the case.

Agent 1 saw a predetermined outcome for the investigation and even was against interviewing Hillary. “We have nothing—shouldn’t even be interviewing”

He even sent: “My god … I’m actually starting to have embarrassment sprinkled on my disappointment. … Ever been forced to do something you adamantly opposed.” [p.135] He later told the OIG he didn’t know what he meant by being “forced to do something you adamantly opposed.”

Later, he referenced Hillary [he called her ‘president’ 4 times], “done interviewing the president.”

On election day, Agent 1 also texted, “You should know; … that I’m … with her.” [p.134]

According to the agent, the investigation was “the most meaningless thing I’ve ever done,” and a “continued waste of resources and time and focus.”


Agents 1 and 2 told us that there were six laptops that Clinton’s attorneys had provided the FBI early in the investigation with consent to store, but not search, and that they would have liked to search these laptops.

Agent 2 stated that he believed that these laptops may have been used to review Clinton’s emails before Clinton’s attorneys produced her work-related emails to the State Department.

Agent 1 told us that he believed these laptops were used by Clinton’s Williams and Connolly attorneys to do the “QC of the 30,000 emails after they were culled by Mills and Samuelson.”

The attorneys do not have security clearances.

Christopher Wray and the Inspector General found no political bias.

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