Getting Old Waiting For Repeal Of The MTA Tax


We have to do what our lawmakers have not done. If we wait for the Long Island legislators to repeal the unconstitutional law, we will look like the photo. This payroll tax affects everyone who has a payroll on Long Island and these costs are reflected in every bill you have. Take a look at your phone bill, your real estate tax bill, your electric bill, ask your doctor and dentist about it.

The MTA is corrupt and top heavy with absurd numbers of employees who are the beneficiaries of patronage. For example, 444 employees in personnel is not appropriate for a transit authority. They used to have 3. We needed a forensic audit of the MTA. Instead of that, the LI legislators cooperatively decided to tax LI unfairly and without our permission over a year ago. What do we have to show for it? We have the LIRR, 97% of their employees retire on full disability. We have barely adequate bus service. Let’s privatize these services if necessary. In the meantime, we can help Mr. Schoolman with his lawsuit.

Hampton Luxury Liner Lawsuit

“NYS Business Owners –
Stop Being Albany’s ATM Card!

My company, Hampton Luxury Liner, started a lawsuit to annul the
unconstitutional and illegal MTA payroll tax. Winning this lawsuit

* Save NYS business owners and not-for-profits $1.8 billion.
* Force Albany to recognize that the MTA is a failed business
model that no bailout can save.
* Force Albany to be more business friendly.

NYS is ready for a tax revolt by all businesses. Enough is Enough!
The MTA is the most fiscally irresponsible organization in New York
State. In 2008 the MTA cost NYS taxpayers a total of $13.5 billion
composed of $5.9 billion in its absurd overpriced service fees, tolls,
fares, etc.. plus $7.6 billion in additional taxes and subsidies from
NYS taxpayers. And now they want an additional $1.8 billion with the
new Payroll Tax. NYS Taxpayers will now be subsidizing the MTA on top
of their fares a total of $9.4 billion…

Mr. Schoolman of Hampton Luxury Trans



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