Ah, Gee, Attempts to Destroy Ivanka Trump’s Company Backfired


Record sales are being reported for the Ivanka Trump brand despite calls for shoppers to boycott retailers with the Trump name.

The fashion line reported sales have skyrocketed since the beginning of February. The brand’s president says the Ivanka line was a top performer online.

Some areas of the Ivanka brand saw their best performance ever.

According to Refinery29, sales increased 346% from January to February.

The news comes after calls to boycott the brand because of her father. In February, Nordstrom, T.J. Maax, Marshalls, Neiman Marcus all boycotted her line. She’s been targeted by the grabyourwallet campaign.

Ivanka Trump is on leave from her company during her father’s presidency. The clothes, jewelry, shoes she carries are beautiful.

WaPo has written that by wearing her own clothes to high-profile events, she is advertising her brand. Will they try to get her up on ethics charges next? It wouldn’t be surprising.

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