Ahmed the Clockboy’s Dad Is a 9/11 Conspiracy Truther


Ahmed Mohamed is the boy who brought a dismantled clock to school that looked like a bomb and sounded like a bomb. His father Elhassan Mohamed has run for president of the Sudan twice. He’s also two-faced.

His father has two Facebook pages. One is pro-American and condemns killing but the other one appears anti-American.

His political page is in Arabic. There is a 14-minute conspiracy theory clip on the page though it has been taken down since Megy Kelly’s Wednesday report. A post shows the smoking World Trade towers, calling it a U.S.-sponsored hoax meant to launch a world war against Islam and Muslims.”

Ahmed has been invited to the White House by Barack Obama who made it into a case of bigotry. He’d better make sure the child and his family are put through the scanners.

Terror-tied Islamic groups like the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and their media pawns waged a war against the school and the local police, accusing them of Islamophobia.

Two years ago, Ahmed’s sister was suspended for a bomb threat.

In September, Ahmed Mohamed tweeted out a Dallas Morning News headline, confirming a report that the family accepted an invitation to visit Qatar, sponsored by the Qatar Foundation for Education. Qatar is a major sponsor of terror in the Middle East. Ahmed was scheduled to speak with UN officials. All of this is meant as a slap at America.

The family has hired legal counsel and are allegedly preparing a lawsuit.

The message is if you see something, say something, unless it concerns a Muslim.

One interesting aside, the police and school district have received some very unnerving threats. Makes one wonder.

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