Al Franken Apologized But What He Can’t Remember, He Remembers Differently


Al Franken was a disgusting, perverted comedian who joked about raping little boys. He has gone from that to being a perverted Senator. This is a man who joked about child rape, the rape of a news anchor and killing homosexuals.

He is foul-mouthed and doesn’t hesitate to use it against his political enemies, accusing them of all sorts of misbehavior without any evidence.

Is it any wonder that given his perverted humor, he is possibly a pervert?

Franken now can’t remember groping women because he takes so many pictures [and gropes so many women?]. What he can’t remember, he remembers differently. What a phony apology. So typical of a lying leftist.

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Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
6 years ago

Al Frankenstein should never have been elected to the Senate. He was a mediocre comedian at best. Now he is a pathetic excuse for a senator.