Al Franken Will Resign Sometime in the Future, Says He’s Innocent


Democrat sacrificial lamb, Senator Al Franken gave a speech about a retirement that will take place sometime in the future Thursday. He is definitely not sorry about any of his alleged mistreatment of women because he says he didn’t do it or has a different memory of the claims made by women.

His behavior, he said, has not brought “dishonor on this institution”.

“In the coming weeks” he will be “resigning”. He then made it about President Trump. Apparently, the President is guilty because Franken said so.

He left himself an “out” by saying his resignation would come in weeks. The failed former Air America host hopes to save himself, which is why he gave himself weeks.

Franken did not hold back on complimenting himself as a woman right’s and Progressive activist.

Minnesota “blows him away” and his fellow Democrats are “creative and brilliant”, he says. He ended by saying he “did not grow up wanting to be a politician”, he “learned a lot on the fly”, there are “long hours, hard lessons, and no guarantee your sacrifice will pay off”. He mentioned he won his last election by 312 votes but failed to mention the corruption that took place to get him into office.

Democrats are getting rid of their sexual harassers so they can attack President Trump and Roy Moore next year. We are supposed to forget the slews of harassing Democrats, including Bill Clinton, who they ignored for decades because they claimed we have no right to determine anyone’s morals. Morals are all relative, they said. Now they are calling Republicans immoral if they vote for candidates they accuse of bad behavior.

They are clearing the path for their favorite attack on the President.

Paul Ryan repeated his claim that Roy Moore must resign over these unproven, nearly forty-year old allegations. Apparently he’s okay with the Soros candidate Doug Jones who wants to kill babies to the moment of birth, is anti-gun and a ‘yes’vote on all things Schumer.

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