Al Gore Defends Trump, Says Tariff Deal Isn’t an “Utter Catastrophe”


Al Gore defended President Trump at Davos18 today. How odd. It wasn’t the best defense but more than a Republican would normally get from Al Gore.

He gave President Trump some support for his administration’s recent decision to impose tariffs on solar cells and modules.

“I don’t typically defend him,” Gore said during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The President announced on Monday a 30 percent tariff on imported cells and modules used to make solar panels that would decrease over time.

“I will say in this case it did not start with him,” Gore said. “This was a trade action brought by private companies. They chose a kind of a midpoint in the range of alternatives.”“Could have been handled differently, should have been handled differently, but it’s not an utter catastrophe,” Gore said.

The reaction at Davos18 has been over-the-top ridiculous. The President has been very successful in improving the economy but the people at Davos18 are mostly socialist.

Laura Ingraham gave her take last night.

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