Al Gore Says Cold Is What to Expect from Global Warming, Gets Debunked Again


If it rains, it’s global warming; if it’s a hurricane, it’s global warming; if it snows, if the sun comes out, if it’s a normal day or a snowy day, no matter whether temperatures are up, down, average, if night falls – it’s global warming; if it’s an erupting volcano or an earthquake, it’s global warming; if you say it’s not as warm as predicted, they call it by the vague and non-debatable term ‘climate change’.

They have their proof and the science is “settled” but ignore the fact that I.P.C.C. was caught cooking the books and Michael Mann’s hockey stick is a fraud based on secret data taxpayers paid for but he won’t share.

We are all to believe it because unhinged business-major Al Gore says so. In his latest tweet, he claims the colder temperatures are exactly what one would expect and he linked to hoaxer Michael Mann’s article as his proof.

Mann, a professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University, argues that heavy lake effect snows this year near the Great Lakes are a sign of global warming because the warming temperatures cause the lakes to stay warmer longer therefore producing more snow. He also argued that despite the recent cold snap, the U.S. has seen many more days of very above normal temperatures than very below normal temperatures over the past several years.

Freezing is the new warming.

He also argued that despite the central and eastern U.S. being locked into an arctic cold pattern for more than a week, the western U.S. and much of the rest of the world has been warm.

Mann even blamed last week’s major east coast snowstorm on warmer-than-normal ocean water.

These are mostly opinions, not fact.

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi says the cold in the 1980s was colder than this year’s and was never connected to global warming, yet Gore and the warmists are saying this cold is because of global warming aka climate change? Bastardi thinks the warmists should pursue truth over narrative.

Bastardi also wants to know if the thaw is climate change.

Unfortunately, our climate change evangelists have their “settled science” and then go about trying to prove it.

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