Al Gore Wants $15 Trillion in Tax Dollars to Save the Planet, Sound Good?


Al Gore
signing copies of ‘Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis’ at Borders bookstore
Chicago, Illinois – 24.11.09
Mandatory Credit: C.M. Wiggins/

I have one question, who in their right mind would give this loon $15 trillion?

Regressive Al Gore wants Americans and the world to stop using fossil fuels and his grand plan to secure our cooperation is to tax us fossil fuels into unaffordability. The grand plan is to “decarbonize” the world’s energy system.

Gore’s extreme views on carbon-dioxide are wrong as usual, as they’ve always been.

This latest gambit, promoted by his expansive and expensive public relations teams, recommends a huge, punishing carbon tax. The recommendation came via a report published by the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC).

Saving the world will mean eradicating coal, financing endless and massive renewable energy projects, and taxing people literally to death. He will no doubt be exempt as he needs to fly around the world spouting his views.

The tax would begin at $50 a ton and increase to $100 per ton. That would destroy the fossil-fuel based market along with our economy and way of life.

The cost for all this is only $15 trillion. What do you think? Are you in?

Since 1988, the man with the business degree, has been out tearing down fossil fuel use. It has enabled him to build a fortune of $300 million dollars and a life only the extremely wealthy experience as he jets around and bloviates with the rich and powerful.

Gore is anti-progress and anti-humanity.

He wants coal gone immediately, oil gone sometime in the 2020s and he will give natural gas until the 2030s.

Gore doesn’t have the evidence to back up his claims that fossil fuels must be eliminated and he won’t get most of the world to go along with him.

Studies now show that the earth is greener because of the added carbon dioxide resulting from the growth in the world’s population.

Agriculture is robust though you wouldn’t know it from him or Barack Obama. Obama spoke at an agricultural conference – the Seeds & Chips conference – and told the audience that man-made global warming was already impacting agriculture on a global scale, shrinking crop yields and raising food prices.

There is no evidence for that. In reality, 2016 was a record year for crop yields, which have basically doubled since 2007 and prices are relatively the same as they were in 1965.

The NY Times said they could not find out how much he made for the speech but Daily Caller wrote that Obama pocketed more than $2.7 million for Tuesday’s speech on how agriculture is contributing to global warming, even though his facts were wrong.

The flawed computer models on which this “science of global warming” is based and which is backed by radical environmentalists have been wrong for decades but that hasn’t stopped the movement.

Progress in this world has always been linked in some way to fossil fuels but that doesn’t matter to Gore.

We are so blessed to have abundant fossil-fuel reserves but that isn’t how the radicals look at it.

The fact that Gore is looking at fining people out of using fossil fuels and wants $15 trillion dollars is frightening. Imagine all that money in the hands of the corrupt elite with this loon doling it out?

For information’s sake, check out all the spectacularly wrong predictions so far at AEI on this link.

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