Al Green Calls for Impeachment Over President’s Tweets


Rep. Al Green has repeatedly said Trump should be impeached and no crime is needed to do it. He believes the President can be impeached for not representing his party’s values. Tweets have also been one of his reasons for demanding impeachment and he’s at it again today.

Green believes that the President is declaring war on Twitter. We included the tweets he is referring to at the end and you can decide. The reptilian rep also thinks he – Green – loves the Constitution, yet he let Obama trample it without saying a word.

He also vows impeachment if the President fires Mueller.

“And Mr. Speaker, because I love my country, because I love the Constitution, I believe that if this president should fire Mr. Mueller, Mr. Speaker, he should be impeached. Whether he will be or not is a question to be decided in the House of Representatives. But I can guarantee you this, there will be articles of impeachment if he fires Mr. Mueller. Whether someone else will bring them or not, I do not know, but if no one else does, there will be articles of impeachment because I will bring them.”

Green has also insisted on impeachment for Trump calling some “s***hole” countries “s***holes” and for being Hitler-like.

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