Al Qaeda Celebrated Ramadan by Murdering 404 People – All in the Name of Allah

All in the name of Allah

Happy Holy Ramadan!

That’s something that I’m sure resonates in Iraq, the country the USA fled with few safeguards in place.

Al Qaeda, the pretenders who praise Allah as they kill and maim, killed 404 people during the holy month of fasting and prayer.

The attacks brought the number of dead nationwide over the course of Ramadan, which began on July 18, to 404, according to an AFP tally. There has been at least one bombing or shooting on every day of the holy month but one.

Iraq is a disaster and we left it that way. We did nothing to leave it in a state of survival. We announced the day we were leaving and we gave carte blanche to violent extremists in the last days.

We won the war and lost the peace.

Read at Al Jazeera


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