Al Qaeda Terrorist About to Be Freed in Canada


Omar Khadr1

Omar Kadr, an al Qaeda member who lived on the Osama bin Laden compound in Afghanistan, and who killed US soldier, Christopher Speer, is about to be freed in Canada. He was released to a prison in Canada from GITMO on September 29, 2012 at his request and just won bail. His sentence was too light to begin with.

The Canadian government is appealing.

There had been a strong movement by terrorist-linked groups and radical, left-wing lawyers to have him transferred to Canada to be home with his terrorist family. Much was made of the fact that he became a terrorist at an early age. He was known as the child terrorist.

The terrorists and their liberal sympathizers are using our own system against us.



The following is from his GITMO Detainee Docket:

Reasons for detention

He was raised to be  a terrorist, encouraged by his terrorist father to kill Americans. In addition to killing Christopher Speer (pictured below), he severely wounded US soldiers.

Christopher Speer


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