Al Qaeda’s Not Dead, GM Is In China


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US embassies and consulates are closed on Sunday and a red alert has been issued for all US travelers in response to a credible threat of a terrorist attack by al-Qaeda. It emanated from Central Asia or the Middle East according to Ed Royce, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

There is believed to be an al Qaeda plot against US diplomatic posts in Muslim countries in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Last week, The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt called for an all-out assault on the US Embassies. Perhaps our alert is actually a week late.

Also last week, Obama announced the drone program would end – not the domestic spying drone program – the drone program that is used to attack terrorists overseas. That sent a message of weakness to the enemy.

We still aren’t protecting our embassies and consulates properly. We are also sending the message that we will shut our embassies down without taking action of any kind or even saying a word in warning. We look weak.

This is an administration that tried to say Benghazi wasn’t a terrorist attack. It was a protest run amok.

We still don’t even know what happened in Benghazi. It came out Thursday and Friday during House hearings that at least 5 of the survivors, who already signed non-disclosure agreements, had to sign more air-tight non-disclosure agreements. Survivors have had to take lie detecter tests each month when the norm is every couple years.

Documents sent to Issa have been nearly 100% redacted.

We now know that there were dozens of people in the consulate and at the Safe House the night of the attack, all of whom were left behind by the US government.

The administration is actually moving survivors around and changing their names. CLICK HERE.

What is Obama hiding?

Barack Obama could barely bring himself to say Benghazi was an act of terror and has to this day, refused to bring the perpetrators to justice. He actually believes he can’t bring them to the states because we don’t have enough evidence to take them to trial in a civilian court. CHECK THAT OUT HERE.

Did Obama deputize CNN? Did he form a posse? He hasn’t brought them to justice and can’t seem to find them, but CNN was able to find one of the suspects and held an hour-long interview with him. CHECK THAT OUT HERE.

Promises! Promises!

When terrorist Nadal Hassan killed 13 people in the service of their country, the US refused to call it an act of terror.

Hassan continues to collect his pay {over $300,000 to date) and the victims have not received their purple hearts or their just compensation.

Obama called it workplace violence, making victims ineligible for the medals and financial benefits they earned.

Obama’s military spokesperson even lied and said there was no difference in compensation for victims of workplace violence than for victims of a terrorist attack. CHECK THAT OUT HERE.

Obama insists on giving terrorists trials with pricey lawyers at taxpayer expense, Hassan being the most egregious example. Hassan gave up his US citizenship the week before his trial and he himself has said it was a terrorist attack! The administration still refuses to recognize it as a terror attack.

My question is why wouldn’t terrorists attack again? They have an open field without fear of reprisals.

Our administration doesn’t want to admit we are under attack from Islamic extremists and won’t even use the term.

In this next video clip, Obama said Al Qaeda is is on the path to defeat! Really? He also said he’s ending the war in Afghanistan but he doesn’t mention that he will negotiate with the vile, flesh-eating Taliban terrorists who drew us into the ‘good’ war to begin with!

In the next video, we hear about the Biden bumper stucker: Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive (barely, they’re on life support)

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By the way, GM has moved their R & D to China and there are plans in the works to move all their operations to the Communist thug country. All this while Detroit goes bankrupt.

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