Al-Qai’da, ISIS Battering Baghdad Despite Alleged Pounding by U.S.


Update: 10/01/14: The Pentagon said today that the city of Baghdad is not in danger of falling…yet.

Al Qai’da – al-Nusra – has joined with ISIS to take control of Baghdad to complete the mission of forming a terrorist state, the likes of which this world has never seen. They are at the “gates of Baghdad”.

You won’t hear this from our media until they have to report it, but this attack on Baghdad is the final step in what will be a base for terror killings and brutality that will dwarf Hitler’s atrocities.

Canon Andrew White, vicar of St. George’s Church in Iraq’s only Anglican church, reports that ISIS are engaged in fierce fighting with government forces only one mile to the west of Baghdad.

The bombings that the media in our country are lauding are highly inadequate and are not meant to help the people of Iraq. This would be a perfect time and place to bomb ISIS.

ISIS and al-Qai’da (al Nusra) are out in the open and Iraqi forces could be forewarned but our doltish, Muslim Brotherhood-loving president won’t do it.

Up to 1,000 Iraqi soldiers were killed yesterday alone.

al-Nusra and ISIS

Jubhat al-Nusra (al-Qai’da) and ISIS are meeting to coordinate attacks despite the alleged “breakup.”

The Independent UK wrote that the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East said ISIS was approaching Baghdad on Monday morning.

“They said it could never happen and now it almost has”, a spokesperson said. “Obama says he overestimated what the Iraqi Army could do. Well you only need to be here a very short while to know they can do very very little.”

Obama didn’t over or under-estimate anything. He doesn’t care.

Remember also, that the Iraqi army are meant to be our foot soldiers in this war that is not against Islam because Mr. Obama claims ISIS is not Muslim. I wonder if he thinks al-Qai’da is Muslim.

ISIS and al-Nusra are forming coalitions throughout the country. This should not come as a surprise. They have the same goals. They plan form a safe-haven terrorist state to from which to attack Israel and the United States and enslave their own people under a criminal and evil Shari’ah Law.

ISIS has experimented with WMDs and used them to kill an untold number of Iraqi soldiers last week.

Not mentioned lately is Iran, a nation that sponsors terror. They are eagerly building the bomb.

Where’s Obama?

One can be sure that our Sunni coalition will not support the U.S. in attacking this group with al-Qai’da involved. Our allies support al-Qai’da. They have funded them for years, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The coalition has already refused to bomb Khorasan in Syria. Khorasan is al-Qai’da.

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