Al-Qaida Magazine Had Charb on Its Hit List Along With Women and Children in the US


named by Inspire

An editor of Charlie Hebdo who was assassinated two days ago – Stephane Charbonnier – Charb –  was named as a target by Inspire magazine in March. The magazine is published by al-Qaida and the terrorists who killed the cartoonists are linked to al-Qaida.

The Boston bombers’ had Inspire magazine’s section on how to make a bomb on their computer.

The magazine is a teaching tool for terrorist wannabes and they strongly encourage lone wolf killers.

They pictured Times Square last year:

car bombs

Targets in their Spring Edition, which can be found at, mentioned: D.C. and its 347,000 federal government buildings as well as restaurants on M Street and in Arlington and Alexandria; Virginia military bases; Chicago Sears Tower, a 108-story skyscraper and The Chicago Board of Trade Building; LA, home of Hollywood and finance.

They recommend hitting targets during election seasons and during holidays.

Also included are targets in the UK and France.


One article last year titled, Car Bombs Inside America, begins:

Inspire Magazine’s goal is to empower Muslim youth. And what is empowerment without being strong, powerful and intelligent? In this section, we give you strength, power and intelligence. Believe me, using car bombs gives you all that. It is absolutely simple. And we will make it simpler for you, biidhnillāh, so that every Muslim, who loves Allāh and His Messenger, and wants to accelerate Islam’s victory, becomes prepare to make, even if this is the first military material his eyes has set on.

They then go on to explain how to make car bombs with common, available materials.

Some other musings in the March edition of Inspire:

And to make America continue to be worried costs us nothing but a number of strikes here and there, i.e. Just like the way we defeated it by guerilla war in Somalia, Yemen, Irāq and Afghānistān, we should follow it with a war inside its own home. These different strikes could be done by one or a few brothers. Together with these strikes we should look out and wait for any chance to hit it with a big blow, even if we would have to wait for years.

In addition to that, we should inspire our Ummah to boycott America’s economy and its allies’. We should explain to them that every dollar spent on any American merchandise or that of its allies turns into a bullet, shrapnel or a projectile that will kill a Muslim in Palestine or Afghānistān, or turns into fuel for their tanks, planes and ships that occupy our lands.

Moreover, we should inspire our Ummah to stop using the Dollar and replace it with currencies of countries that do not take part in this aggression against us.

The magazine rails against America, takes isolated problems to make it seem as if “life in America is unbearable.” One article has this from Sheikh Abū ‘Omar Al-Qurashi Al-Baghdādi of ISIS aka IS fame, who Obama doesn’t see as a threat to the U.S. apparently since he does nothing about his growing caliphate:

He said: “Erupt the volcano of anger. Burn the ground under the feet of the Jews and their supporters, wipe out their armies, destroy their vehicles, shoot down their planes, and prepare for them each and every ambush, ambush them in their homes, valleys and corners. Make your nights a cover (for you), change their days to fire. Grill their flesh by car bombs, cut off their limbs by mines and take off their hearts by inflicting panic with sniper.

The magazine calls for the killing of women and children if they are collateral damage.

Another bit of advice from ISIS or IS comes from Sudanese cleric Al-Jazouli who has a slightly harsher take – kill the women and children because they are part of them, meaning the adults who harm Iraq. The Prophet Muhammad, he claims, says that it is their duty to target America and its allies. Killing Americans gets each one 144 black-eyed virgins:

Also glorified as a hero is Nidal Hassan who, according to the Obama administration, committed an act of workplace violence.

On November 5, 2009, Nidal Hassan was the lone gunman who opened fired on a Military Base in Foot Hood, Texas, killing 13 American soldiers and wounding over 30 more. A stunned nation asked “How could this happen?”

The response from the White House was that this was workplace violence and not a terrorist attack.

None of our brave wounded and murdered soldiers were ever acknowledged. Obama refused to do so. They didn’t receive their purple hearts or any of the benefits they were entitled to and which they earned with their blood.

Obama is allowing a massive invasion on our southern border knowing that terrorist operatives are active in Mexico and Central and South America and knowing that terrorists have gotten in through the porous border. He is importing tens of thousands of refugees from terrorist countries and, according to Steve Emerson of the Investigative Terrorism Project, his administration has told agents to not do their jobs in screening applicants.


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