Al Sharpton Calls Up Jesus to Insult Trump & Christian Supporters


Race baiter Al Sharpton was on a roll recently, trashing the President during the ‘Memo to Trump’ segment of his show, ‘PoliticsNation.’ He’s angry because the President told Governor Newsom he wasn’t forking over funds until he cleans up his mess.

The President will help Newsom if the policies are such that they will improve the homeless situation.

Sharpton decided to insult the President on the basis of religion and while he was doing it, he insulted all Christians who support him.

Al called up Jesus to say Trump is racist and immoral for mentioning the cost of uncontrolled homelessness to the everyday person’s and business people’s lives. Al ignored the fact that the homeless are using the public streets as bathrooms and are shooting up in public while blocking businesses and homes. Many of the homeless are drug-addicted or mentally ill and many are dangerous.

In Part II, he says he doesn’t understand why Christians are “enthralled” by President Trump (being he’s racist and immoral). It’s an arrogant and nasty ploy.

Maybe it’s because we don’t want the socialism/communism, unborn baby killing future he’s selling.

Sharpton, a rich man, is also obsessed with Trump’s wealth which is in the billions. Trump started out with a one million dollar loan from his father. Al, on the other hand, won’t pay his overdue taxes and didn’t pay the settlement he owed in the Tawana Brawley case.


The President was responding to this (all resulting from Progressive policies):

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