Al Sharpton Opposes Changes in North Carolina Voting Law



Photo of Al’ Tawana Brawley’ Sharpton after meeting with Barack Obama at the White House today where he discussed the SCOTUS ruling on The Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Al Sharpton is building up opposition to North Carolina’s new voting laws, which were approved by the NC state legislature on Thursday. Al Sharpton lives in the affluent Upper West Side of Manhattan, not North Carolina.

Sharpton is concerned about NC’s “strict” new voter ID laws. the truth is that North Carolina makes it very easy to register to vote through any DMV office in the state.

Sharpton’s ilk want to substitute college ID cards for voter ID cards. Why not library cards? How about bus passes?

Al is also concerned that they plan to end same day registration which is a favorite of illicit voters. There is no time to verify who voters are when they register on the same day they vote.

North Carolina plans to cut the early voting by a week and cut the extension of polling hours.

The new rules call for more poll workers. Why would anyone have a problem with more poll workers?

Best yet, Sharpton wants 16 and 17-year olds to continue pre-registering. A popular civics class takes the students down to register each year. It’s unclear as to why they can’t still go down to learn the process without actually registering.

Al Sharpton warns that he and Holder have their eye on North Carolina and they will be monitoring them.

Is anyone watching Holder and Sharpton? Just asking.

Opponents claim that the GOP-backed plan suppresses the vote of youth, seniors, and minorities, all of whom are apparently incapable of going to a DMV office to get an ID.

Al Sharpton met with Barack Obama today on the SCOTUS decision concerning The Voter’s Rights Act. It’s a sorry state of affairs when a weasel like Sharpton gets to talk policy with the President of the United States.