Al Sharpton’s Daughter Gets Arrested on Her Birthday for Cabbie Abuse


Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter Ashley smacked and shoved a frantic cabbie —  she called a “b—h” — after a cab ride that never took place on her 30th birthday. Sharpton and three friends got into Georges Coly’s cab and each rattled off a different destination.

When they couldn’t decide where they were going, he stopped the cab until they were to come up with one address. With that, Ashley, sitting in the front, pulled his keys out of the ignition and threw them down the street.

He didn’t know she threw them and pleaded with her to give them back. She then became more abusive.

This happened at 1 in the morning Saturday.

When asked by the Daily News about the incident, Rev. Sharpton said his daughter told him “it didn’t happen the way they said it happened.” He also noted that as soon as police found out one of the passengers was his daughter, they made sure “she’s the one that’s going to the precinct.”

“If you’re my child or you’re related to me, you’re guilty until proven innocent,” he added.

Oh sure, All. Watch the video and see what you think.

She was then rewarded for her bad behavior, after her arrest, with two birthday cakes.

Al’s other daughter Dominique has been suing the city for an alleged ankle injury on a city street. She has been missing court dates.

After the alleged injury, she tweeted photos of herself dancing up a storm.


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