Alarming! Iran Missiles in Iraq and George Soros Working With Iran


There are a couple very alarming reports people need to know about. One concerns Iran putting missiles into Iraq with their Shia sympathizers and another says that George Soros and his Open Society Foundations were working with Iran as the nuclear deal was evolving.


Iran is reportedly giving ballistic missiles to Shiite militias in Iraq. It is turning Iraq into a “forward base” for its military reach in the region, says one source of several quoted in a Reuters story published August 31st. The missiles are capable of hitting Israel, Saudi Arabia, and U.S. military bases.

They are allegedly developing the capacity to build more.

This has nothing to do with the Iran deal. These missiles are not about that. Their purpose is to have increased capability to use a ground force for a deep-strike. Also Iraq-based Shia militants, backed by Iran, can’t easily be attacked — it would mean attacking Iraq. It gives them a land-bridge across Iraq and Syria.

Iran has previously said its ballistic missile activities are purely defensive in nature, which never sounded truthful to most outside the previous US administration.

Iran appears to be doing the same thing in Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Even if they don’t use them, they become political weapons to force Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and other nations to bow to their will.

Additionally, the possibility of a new non-state actor has arisen according to a report from Arutz Sheva, the Israel National News.


The Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Zarif told the Iranian Parliament in February 2018 that he has worked closely with The Open Society Foundations, the George Soros organization. According to Thomas Lifson, he was working with them for at least five years.

According to Zarif, the activity began before he entered his current position, and he boasted that he had succeeded in “keeping the activity organized.”

The leftist billionaire has been funding far-left groups who are damaging Israel, from calling the nation an apartheid state to other anti-Israel libels, according to Arutz Sheva.

This September, Thomas Lifson wrote:

If the cooperation began before Zarif took office as foreign minister, that would mean that it has been ongoing for at least 5 years. It would mean that the JCPOA Iran Nuclear Deal was negotiated while Soros’s network was cooperating in unspecified ways with a regime that has openly declared it wants to wipe Israel [and the West in general, especially the US] from the map.

Lest you think that Soros’s ethnic heritage as a Hungarian Jew has predisposed him to aid Israel, read this account of his efforts to undermine the Jewish State, the news service reported.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Add to this evil injustice the fact that Soros funds a majority of the Democrats currently in office and especially the new Socialists running for office.