Alarming Statistics Prove Medicaid Will Soon Be Our Single Payer System


dr Barack Marx

Cartoon photo of Obama as Dr. Marx

Medicaid is turning into our single payer healthcare system. It was likely planned that way which explains why the Democrats were so upset when the Supreme Court struck down the part of the Obamacare law that mandated states comply with the Medicaid expansion.

Check out the statistics gleaned from CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) by CNS News and what could be the four easy steps to single payer:

1. In Fiscal Year 2014, 37% of the population or 116,000,000 people, more than one out of three, will be on government healthcare, either Medicare, Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  This doesn’t count the government contribution (taxpayer funds) to the exchange subsidies. Many of the people who are on the exchanges will receive these subsidies.

2. Prior to Obamacare, there were allegedly 48 million uninsured and in 2014, there will be about 44 million uninsured. Billions of dollars later, Obamacare has basically been able to help about 4 million people. The 44 million are people here illegally or are people who are eligible for but have not applied for Medicaid.

People will be forced onto Medicaid because everyone must now carry health insurance and the stragglers will eventually sign up. We can also expect that eventually the government will give Obamacare to people here illegally, with many receiving subsidies or going on Medicaid.

Add them to the 116,000,000 and you have 160,000,000 people on government healthcare or subsidies. That is about half the people in this country.

3. Possibly as many as 93 million people who receive employer-sponsored healthcare (as we know from the 2010 federal register) will be dropped from their health insurance plans and thrown onto the exchanges or Medicaid. Many of the people on the exchanges will be eligible for subsidies. As we are finding out, most of the people signing up on are winding up on Medicaid.

Excluded from that number are the approximately 90 million in companies that self-insure. This could be a problem for Mr. Obama’s single payer vision.

Between 66% and 80% of Americans will be on single payer within a couple years.

4. One mustn’t forget the 15 million being thrown off the individual insurance market. Many will go on Medicaid and others will go on the exchanges.

5. Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP and the Obamacare subsidies become our Single Payer system.

The Obama administration isn’t worried about the website failure because they know people will have nowhere else to go but to the government. They  government is destroying the private health insurance market. The Obama administration wants the government to be the only ones who profit from the populations’ health care.

Forbes reported that about a third of the doctors will not take on new Medicaid patients because of the poor payment schedule. That will lead to substandard care.

The CBO has reported that Obamacare is unsustainable.

The 2013 Long-Term Budget Outlook,” Congressional Budget Office, 9/17/13 reported:

“Unless Substantial Changes Are Made To The Major Health Care Programs And Social Security, Those Programs Will Absorb A Much Larger Share Of The Economy’s Total Output In The Future Than They Have In The Past.” “The unsustainable nature of the federal government’s current tax and spending policies presents lawmakers and the public with difficult choices. Unless substantial changes are made to the major health care programs and Social Security, those programs will absorb a much larger share of the economy’s total output in the future than they have in the past.”

Mr. Obama, who likely knows nothing about any of this, is not only doing nothing to save Social Security and Medicare, he is adding to the problem by putting most of the country on Medicaid or subsidies. That is clearly unsustainable.

Putting over 200,000,000 people on government healthcare will collapse insurance companies and our economy well before 2030.

The United States will now join the rest of the civilized world and will offer substandard care to everyone with funds they have seized from taxpayers for redistribution. Of course, before this, no one was turned away from healthcare and 80% were satisfied with their healthcare plan.

In the end, the one overriding principle in all this is that no one has the right to force their needs and wants on others.

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