Alarmists Make Big Bucks Off Global Warming Hoax


Gore Inventing Global Warming

Photo of Al Gore as God inventing the universe

There has been no global warming since 1999 but that doesn’t stop the alarmists from using it to control us and our money. Global warming is used to eliminate fossil fuels, control all resources, and pour money into the lucrative and often corrupt green energy sector.

Al Gore has made a fortune off global warming, which is now called climate change since the earth is no longer warming.

Gore’s faux global warming movie – An Inconvenient Truth – isn’t shown in Britain’s schools unless the many factual errors are pointed out.  (Al was a finance major – he is no scientist)

Joe Bastardi, who is actually a meteorologist, said that the weather now replicates the weather pattern in the 1950’s.

Click here for embarrassing e-mails about the faux global warming catastrophe


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