Alec Baldwin Disgustingly Compares Trapped Thai Kids And US Government


Alec Baldwin disgracefully compared the children trapped in the cave in Thailand with the current U.S. government. It doesn’t matter if there is any relation, he just doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to trash the President.

“More humanity on display in a cave in Thailand than in all the halls of the US Government,” the 60-year-old actor wrote Monday in a post he shared on Instagram, along with a screenshot of his tweet, the Daily Caller reported. Baldwin is referring to illegal immigrant children. He’s a supporter of open borders.

The aging actor is astoundingly unAmerican.

He must have taken a page from Dick Durbin’s playbook. Durbin compared the children in the Thai cave with children being dragged by their parents on a dangerous journey with cartels to enter the U.S. illegally.

What’s wrong with these people? Do they all have Trump Derangement Syndrome? They tie everything to an insult against the President.

There are still four children and a coach trapped in that cave. They could die. The children could have physical and mental issues from the trauma, but all these Trump haters can do is find a way to make it about Trump hate.

It’s bad enough Baldwin makes no sense, but people are cheering him on. There have been more than 9,000 responses to his Instagram post and the majority support his statement. Here are a few comments from the know-nothings:

There is the occasional person who responds normally. One person said, ” Meanwhile the economy is off the charts. Idiot”. Another said, “What a STUPID comment!!!!”.

Alec Baldwin has been trading insults with the President from his perch at SNL and arrogantly stated in June he could run for president and beat him “1000 percent”.

Baldwin continually demands the Mueller probe be protected.

Both Baldwin and Martin Sheen are going to go on a 24-hour hunger strike for illegal immigrants. A whole 24 hours, wow!

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