Alert for Suffolk County on the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Race


The Suffolk Conservative Party’s move to back Republican State Sen. Phil Boyle for Suffolk County sheriff has sparked a political brawl with fellow Islip GOP contender Assemb. Al Graf, who called Boyle “the most unqualified candidate to ever run” for the job, Newsday reported.

“He has no law enforcement background, no administrative experience and no budget background,” said Graf, a former New York City police officer and former town supervisor of upstate Brighton. “At a time when MS-13 is dumping bodies, it’s time to elect someone with the experience that can keep Long Islanders safe.”

Boyle has no law enforcement experience though he has chaired an opioid task force.

In addition to Assemblyman Graf, other GOP contenders for sheriff are Larry Zacarese, a former New York City police sergeant and assistant chief of the Stony Brook University police, and Fred Sales, a retired Suffolk police officer. Retired Special Assignment Sergeant Peter Kraus is also running.

The following is a letter from former Det. Sgt. Ken Russo:

Senator Boyle,

I’ve heard you’re running for Suffolk County Sheriff.

Some thoughts from my 30 year career in law enforcement.

#1 you have ZERO law enforcement experience. The thought of another politician being in charge of honorable men and women in that agency is sickening.

#2 your first vote as a freshman NY State Senator in January 2013 was to restrict the second amendment rights of all NY residents with that ungodly Safe Act.

#3 you voted to keep law abiding citizens from having access to firearms that other state’s citizens have and now YOU want a uniform and access to these weapons. Don’t you find that hypocritical at all?

#4 do you honestly expect anyone to believe that you will take an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution after your vote against the Second Amendment as a NYS Senator with helping to push through the Unsafe Act?

#5 I hope you lose, and lose badly. After all, you deserve it. Politicians like yourself are what’s wrong with the NY political system. You have no morals, no courage and definitely zero ethics. Three traits that would help you in law enforcement that cannot be taught or bought. Stick to being a shifty lawyer, it suits you better.

I think it’s safe to say that my family’s vote will be going to the candidate that has actually been a uniform NYPD Police Officer and Sergeant and would be trustworthy of the title of Sheriff.

Detective Sergeant Ken Russo
NYPD (Retired)

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