Alert for NY Gun Owners: Opt-Out by May 15


King Cuomo

I received a call from a police friend and was told about the opt-out form, the form for gun owners who do NOT want their names and addresses published in Newsday or the NY Times and so on.

If you don’t opt-out of the Pistol Permit List (NY SAFE FOIL), you could very well find yourselves in the morning newspaper with a google map directing criminals to your house.

The SAFE Act allows gun owners to keep their gun ownership private and confidential, but ONLY if they fill out the form.

You might not like the form. The questions make the opting-out contingent on the gun owner saying they are in danger or are afraid of harassment and there is a place to explain why.

There are rumors that FOIA requests for the information have been coming in on Long Island but when I called the Suffolk County Police, they said they haven’t received any yet, but the form needs to be filled out just in case.

The law was effective February 15th and gun owners only have UNTIL MAY 15TH TO FILL OUT THE FORM because that is when gun ownership information will be available upon request under the Freedom of Information Act. Time is running out.

In fact, to be safe, send the form in twice.

File your FOIL Exemption form at the police headquarters where your license was issued.

The opt-out applications are flooding offices around the state and rising costs are a concern. How much easier it would have been to have simply made everyone’s information private.

Thank our king, Andrew Cuomo, for this.

Suffolk County forms can be found here.

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