Alex Jones and Marco Rubio Have a Wild Clash in a Press Gaggle


Alex Jones and Senator Marco Rubio had a wild clash today in the halls of Congress during a break or after the hearings with social media heads. Jones asked Rubio about conservative websites being shadowbanned.

Rubio said he didn’t know anything about Jones’ website and never answered the question except to say he was concerned about Russian interference.

Jones persisted and Rubio laughed off-and-on, saying “Is that a heckler at a press gaggle?”

Rubio repeatedly said he didn’t know who he – Jones – is. Rubio said, “I swear to God I don’t know who you are.”

At one point, Jones tapped his shoulder and Rubio said, “Don’t touch me again, man.” Jones countered, “I just patted you nicely. Rubio responded, “I know, but I don’t know who you are.”

Jones said something about being arrested and Rubio said, “You’re not going to get arrested. I’ll take care of it myself.”

Jones never stopped heckling as Rubio tried hard to answer questions from the press. As Rubio left, he said, I’ll leave you guys “to talk to this clown.”

Mostly, Rubio took it good-naturedly and found it funny.

It is hard to believe he doesn’t know who Alex Jones is or why he wouldn’t answer the question about conservatives being silenced, however, Jones really was heckling him.

After the heckling, Alex Jones told Rubio to go “back to your bathhouse.”

Immediately after the verbal altercation with Senator Marco Rubio, Jones mocked Rubio, saying, “I’m going to beat you up, Marco Rubio.”

You judge for yourselves as to who was annoying and who wasn’t.

Conservative sites are being pilloried and blocked. We have personal experience with that.

The Sentinel offers right-wing commentary on factual news and until we offer left-wing commentary, we won’t be free of abuse and censorship. On the other hand, heckling a senator might not be the way to go.

It’s pretty funny from our perspective.

What do you think?


Conservative Laura Loomer stood up during the hearings today and tried to interject. Billy Long of Missouri, a trained auctioneer, drowned her out.

Congress probably doesn’t care if Conservatives are silenced.

It’s just all so insane, what do you think about this?


  1. Actually there is little difference between Jones in that situation and any other press gaggle event. In fact, the WH press corps are much more obstinate than what Jones was doing.

    What is disconcerting is the refusal of Rubio to even acknowledge any issue of the Tech Giants vis-a-vis Conservatives. Would Rubio consider himself a “Conservative”, or, is it of no concern. I suspect there is a deeper issue at hand here. The entire hearing has been a continuation of the Russian election meddling.

    The themes by both Republicans and Democrats, especially in Senate Intelligence, is “effectiveness” in the election. The majority seems to want to apply Bots and Russians as having a disproportion impact on the election, with some implying a direct affect.

    My suspicions are the Democrats are fully supportive of significant Russian influence, and the Republicans less so. But both together are incensed at how ‘a’ Trump could even be elected. It’s beginning to look like both sides are attempting to use social media as a “weapon” against any future Trump by means of “fake news” or “disinformation”. Gowdy specifically asked the Tech companies how they could thwart any disinformation on their platform. Very very few in Congress will “ask” who decides what is misinformation or fake news. These members of Congress have No issue whatsoever if Major Media are the sole arbiters of “true news” and “true information”. Note how many major media outlets says Everything, that is.. Everything, Trump says is a lie.

    And, it’s all about money. We see one after another recycle back and forth, between Government and Industry, increasing their wealth at each step in the process.

    If these members of Congress Really believe Russia is the biggest threat via social media then they are toooo Stupid to be in Congress. Many actually have considered that our Democracy is “fragile” due to this Russian threat. If we are that fragile in our system of Government then we have even more serious issues. If some foreign actor or Government has That power then we really have No power within and are doomed to failure no matter what. OR, is it that these people in Congress are More worried about themselves holding onto THEIR POWER. I say the latter.

  2. There’s one issue that has plagued many users on social media and that is the false reporting resulting in a user being adversely affected.

    A viable solution to This problem is having the report and its false attribution affects being Applied to the one who reported it. If it’s a strike, the person reporting gets a strike. If it’s a ban, the person reporting gets banned. This should also apply to any “news” organizations, as CNN has done, they too should suffer the consequences.

  3. Several twitter users posted the live feed of Jones and it “was” quite entertaining. He was doing many many interviews. The ignorance of one reporter was on full display. The person actually made the claim that Obama was Not in office in January of 2017. Jones had to explain in detail how they were wrong.

    What Rubio accomplished by not even acknowledging the question was to give Jones World Wide attention. After being banned from so many platforms Rubio elevated him far beyond all those platforms.

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