Alex Jones and Marco Rubio Have a Wild Clash in a Press Gaggle


Alex Jones and Senator Marco Rubio had a wild clash today in the halls of Congress during a break or after the hearings with social media heads. Jones asked Rubio about conservative websites being shadowbanned.

Rubio said he didn’t know anything about Jones’ website and never answered the question except to say he was concerned about Russian interference.

Jones persisted and Rubio laughed off-and-on, saying “Is that a heckler at a press gaggle?”

Rubio repeatedly said he didn’t know who he – Jones – is. Rubio said, “I swear to God I don’t know who you are.”

At one point, Jones tapped his shoulder and Rubio said, “Don’t touch me again, man.” Jones countered, “I just patted you nicely. Rubio responded, “I know, but I don’t know who you are.”

Jones said something about being arrested and Rubio said, “You’re not going to get arrested. I’ll take care of it myself.”

Jones never stopped heckling as Rubio tried hard to answer questions from the press. As Rubio left, he said, I’ll leave you guys “to talk to this clown.”

Mostly, Rubio took it good-naturedly and found it funny.

It is hard to believe he doesn’t know who Alex Jones is or why he wouldn’t answer the question about conservatives being silenced, however, Jones really was heckling him.

After the heckling, Alex Jones told Rubio to go “back to your bathhouse.”

Immediately after the verbal altercation with Senator Marco Rubio, Jones mocked Rubio, saying, “I’m going to beat you up, Marco Rubio.”

You judge for yourselves as to who was annoying and who wasn’t.

Conservative sites are being pilloried and blocked. We have personal experience with that.

The Sentinel offers right-wing commentary on factual news and until we offer left-wing commentary, we won’t be free of abuse and censorship. On the other hand, heckling a senator might not be the way to go.

It’s pretty funny from our perspective.

What do you think?


Conservative Laura Loomer stood up during the hearings today and tried to interject. Billy Long of Missouri, a trained auctioneer, drowned her out.

Congress probably doesn’t care if Conservatives are silenced.

It’s just all so insane, what do you think about this?

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