Alex Jones Is Back on Twitter X- A Win for Free Speech


Alex Jones returns to X. The people have spoken. Nearly two million have called for his return on behalf of free speech. He was canceled before his comments on Sandy Hook for anyone who thinks that was the reason.

Out of nearly two million votes, 70% favor his return.

Elon put Jones under consideration after he heard his interview with Tucker Carlson. It’s another GFY to his advertisers and the operatives in or tied to the administration. He has courage.

Whatever you think of Alex Jones, the best opposition you can come up with is to debate him and win. Lying, canceling, and attacking people without evidence are the most effective ways to make the target a winner. Eventually, even the most obtuse among us see the person who lies, cancels, and attacks without substance as the problem.

Free speech always and forever in America!

This is why he was banned:

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

At least a WIN for free speech.