Alex Jones Must Pay $4.1 Million to Sandy Hook Parents


A verdict in the Alex Jones defamation case has come down, and Mr. Jones is ordered to pay $4.1 million to two Sandy Hook parents. Mr. Jones said anything over $2 million would destroy him. At the same time he is ordered to pay $4.1 million, the J6 committee asked for his texts. Jones’s lawyer accidentally sent the contents of his phone to the plaintiff’s lawyer.

The punitive damages are decided tomorrow.

The contents were alleged to go back two years, and the plaintiff’s lawyer let Jones testify for days without telling him he had reviewed this information.

Mark Bankston, a lawyer representing two parents, told Jones that his attorney (actually a paralegal) accidentally sent over the entire contents of the Infowars founder’s phone, including texts and emails.

Jones’s financials were allegedly on the phone.

What Jones said is not a crime. He has free speech. However, the judge wouldn’t allow him to use the 1st Amendment as a defense. That doesn’t sound constitutional.

J6 Wants the Contents

The J6 panel already grilled Jones, and now they want the contents of his phone. Jones has said he took the 5th over 100 times during the grilling by J6.

Allegedly, the phone includes “intimate messages” with Roger Stone.

This went viral yesterday when Bankston said Jones was lying about not having any more Sandy Hook messages.


Jones’s lawyers filed a protective order since these messages represent client-attorney privilege, Infowars reports.

“…according to an Emergency Motion for Enforcement of Protective Order filed by Jones’ lawyers, they had not given permission for the files, which only span a six-month period from the end of 2019 through early 2020 and do not represent “an entire digital copy” of the cellphone, to be entered into evidence in court,” Infowars says.

“The file transfer link, however, inadvertently gave Plaintiffs access to dozens of other folders as well, including confidential documents, such as the medical records of Sandy Hook Parents who are Plaintiffs in the Connecticut litigation and other documents subject to various privileges, including attorney-client and work product,” states the motion.

After the paralegal made a mistake by sending the phone contents to Bankston, a message was sent to “please disregard.”

“It is now apparent that Plaintiffs’ counsel did not “disregard the link,” but has reviewed and used documents he acknowledged defendants “did not intend to send” and appeared to be “work product or confidential.” Defendants, therefore, seek Emergency relief pursuant to Rule 193.3 and the Court’s Protective Order,” states the motion.

Jones’s lawyers said the file should have been deleted. We don’t know what the answer is legally, but ethically they certainly should have deleted the files.

The left is out to get him.

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1 year ago

This will be appealed. Before this is over, the lawyers will be paying Jones tens of millions.

Last edited 1 year ago by GuvGeek
Sick of it All
Sick of it All
1 year ago

The lamestream media had plastered this story all over. I couldn’t help but think, these low information voters don’t have a clue who this guy is, nor do they care. His alternative media site is obscure and only those of us in the know have listened to Alex for over a decade. I hope he can beat this.

1 year ago

Jones will never pay a cent.If not overturned on appeal he will bankrupt. Jones will get millions of dollars worth of free publicity and his viewership will double. The J6 Hoax Committee will be out of business come November and be worried about their own liabilities which are real and well documented.