Alex Jones to Pay Nearly $1 Billion in a Punitive Decision in the Sandy Hook Case


Alex Jones is ordered to pay more than $950 million to Sandy Hook for families for saying the massacre was a hoax.  Jones can’t come out from under this to ever have an income unless he wins on appeal.

The only people not punished are everyone involved with the killer. Sandy Hook parents also sued the gun manufacturer. The parents settled with Remington for $73 million.

A fund was also set up for the parents of the murdered children.

The judge would not allow this to be heard as a First Amendment case.

The parents are extremely sympathetic because they lost their precious young children after a mentally deranged youth slaughtered them.

For years, Jones falsely claimed that the shooting was a government-orchestrated hoax.

In August, a Texas jury ordered Jones to pay nearly $50 million in damages to one Sandy Hook family.

The Connecticut lawsuit is the second of three similar cases that Jones lost by default last year when he ignored court orders to turn over financial records about his company, Free Speech Systems.

In August, the first of those cases wrapped in Texas, with a jury ordering Jones to pay nearly $50 million in compensatory and punitive damages to the parents of one Sandy Hook victim, Jesse Lewis.

However, that total will likely be severely slashed thanks to a cap on punitive damages in the state.

The case in Connecticut was much bigger, with 15 plaintiffs involved — mostly parents who lost children in the shooting. A third case back in Texas, where Jones is based, has yet to be scheduled.

Here’s how much each of the plaintiffs was awarded in the Connecticut case:
  • Robbie Parker $120 million
  • Jacqueline Barden $28.8 million
  • Mark Barden $57.6 million
  • Nicole Hockley $73.6 million
  • Ian Hockley $81.6 million
  • Francine Wheeler $54 million
  • David Wheeler $55 million
  • Jennifer Hensel $52 million
  • Erica Lafferty $76 million
  • Donna Soto $48 million
  • Carlee Soto-Parisi $66 million
  • Carlos M. Soto $57.6 million
  • Jillian Soto Marino $68.8 million
  • Willaim Aldenberg $90 million
  • William Sherlach $36 million

Many plaintiffs broke down in tears as the award amount was read out Wednesday afternoon.

Sandy Hook dad Robbie Parker, who Jones directly accused of being a crisis actor, was the first name to be read out by the jury.

William Aldenberg, an FBI agent who responded to the shooting, was awarded the second-highest amount of $90 million. Aldenberg spoke to the jury about becoming the center of wild Sandy Hook conspiracies just because he looked slightly like one of the fathers who lost a child during the shooting, David Wheeler.



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