Alexander Downer Who Launched Russia-Trump Probe Was An ‘FOB’


According to information we now have, the alcohol-fueled discussion between the former Australian diplomat Alexander Downer and small-time aide George Papadopoulos launched the Russia-Trump probe. Papadopoulos said the Russians had emails that were damaging to Hillary Clinton.

He was a major Clinton Foundation donor before he ”tipped off” the FBI.

A decade before, Downer was the Australian foreign minister, and in that role, he arranged for $25 million in aid from Australia to the Clinton Foundation. The FBI never alerted Congress to the connection. In 2006, Downer and the Clinton Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding which allowed for the money to be spread out over four years to help AIDS patients.

All the early election sources had ties to Trump’s opposition Hillary Clinton, including the Steele dossier. It’s also important to note that the FBI is not upfront and is holding back information. They are obstructing the investigation into the FBI/DoJ.

Alexander Downer and Bill Clinton
Then-Foreign Minister Alexander Downer Was a ‘FOB’, Friend of Bill’s

Alexander Downer is a “Friend of Bill’s” or FOB. FOB’s usually did very well and were rewarded. It would be interesting to know what Downer or Australia got from deals Downer made with the Clinton Foundation when Hillary was secretary of state.

Bill and Hillary Clinton ran a profitable racket for their FOB’s in poor nations. A ‘FOB’ or “friend of Bill’s” was a well-known appellation.

The report at The Hill is not the first time Downer’s name has come up in relation to Bill Clinton. AusAid, thanks to Downer, was a big contributor, one of the biggest, to the Clinton Foundation. This was reported a number of times over the years.

On January 19, 2018, Michael Smith news reported that the agreement between Downer and Bill Clinton was without a tender and clearly deceptive. They were hiding something. It appeared to have been backdated, giving the Clintons an illegal advantage.

Smith is an investigative reporter and a former law enforcement officer.

Smith writes:

On or about 20 August 2006 a notice, purporting to be a bona fide invitation to tender for the contract already awarded to the Clinton Foundation was published to the DFAT website.

Inviting tenders for a contract that has already been given meets the criminal points of proof for Obtaining a Financial Advantage (for self or another) by Deception.

There are other reports that Downer never did the proper checks on this Foundation when he made the first donation, according to the

Smith also has alleged the Clinton Foundation fraudulently received $10 million from Australia in a similarly deceptive deal involving its climate change efforts and a company called Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute Inc.

The project Downer helped fund performed poorly just like so much of what the Clintons do as in Haiti. Australia has dropped the arrangement.

The FBI has not responded. They obviously don’t care that the Clinton’s were tied to everything that launched this case.

Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson said it’s “laughable” to draw a connection and Downer said it’s “ridiculous.”


  1. Crickets from A. G. Sessions?

    My hope was that the DOJ was doing some heavy lifting investigations, but my trust wanes swiftly.

    WASS-OYS (We Are So Screwed-Oh, Ye, Suckers)

    • There is no basis for any trust in Sessions, that trust is being used against the USA. We’re being played. Sessions ran out of excuses 12 months ago.

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