Alexandria O-Cortez Is Signing Up Dems for Far-Left Green New Deal


Socialist [Communist] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has come into Congress as a Freshman with little knowledge but lots of leftist fervor. She wants the United States to be 100 percent fossil free, reliant solely on alternative energy — but not nuclear –, in ten years.

She thinks our climate disaster awaits us in 12 years.

Don’t ask her how she plans to do it but she knows it can be done. It is a tenet of her Green New Deal put forth by her far-far-left friends in the Justice Democrats.

The furthest left Democrats are rushing to sign on to her Green New Deal House Committee that will push for heavy and endless climate change regulations and laws.

“In just one week, 10 members of Congress have issued their support for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Select Committee for a Green New Deal. New supporters include Representatives John Lewis (GA-05) Joe Neguse (CO-02), Earl Blumenauer (OR-03), Carolyn Maloney (NY-12), Jose Serrano (NY-15), and Ayanna Pressley (MA-07). One thing is clear: the plan for a Green New Deal is catching fire in the Democratic Party,” read a Sunday statement from Varshini Prakash, the founder of Sunrise Movement, a far-left environmentalist organization similar to Justice Democrats.

“For the first time in history, young people have shifted the conversation in the Democratic party to what is actually needed to save civilization as we know it – a Green New Deal to put millions of Americans to work transforming our economy and society away from fossil fuels in the next 12 years,” leftist Prakash continued.

Other Democrats who have joined include Ro Khanna of California, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Jared Huffman of California, and Deb Haaland of New Mexico.

They are all far-left progressives. Progressive is the name used to disguise what they really are: communists and socialists.

The Democrats who prefer a more incremental approach are hoping to bring her into the fold but it’s not likely. She’s determined even if she does know nothing. These people are nuts but they want to rule and Democrats appear to be willing to let them.


On Instagram, O-Commie said she’d likely back Nancy Pelosi as Speaker because she is the most Progressive of potential candidates. That’s true. Pelosi is a long time Marxist.


Nancy Pelosi Is Actually Not Idiotic, She’s a Very Smart Communist

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