Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Caught Lying About Amazon Again


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just can’t stop herself from lying. It’s her daily past time. Sometimes she gets called out for it. This week she did — by Amazon.

AOC is the woman who got Amazon booted from Long Island City where they were going to create 25,000 jobs because she thought the city was going to just hand them $3 billion.

Over the weekend, AOC said she was less worried about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos being the richest person in the world than if he was paying his workers a living wage.

“Whether Jeff Bezos is a billionaire or not is less of my concern than if your average Amazon worker is making a living wage, if they have guaranteed health care and if they can send their kids to college tuition-free,” she blathered mindlessly to ABC News.

“If his being a billionaire is predicated on paying people starvation wages and stripping them of their ability to access health care, and also if his ability to be a billionaire is predicated on the fact that his workers take food stamps…[then taxpayers are ] paying for him to be a billionaire.”


Amazon explained to her, “@AOC is just wrong. Amazon is a leader on pay at $15 min wage + full benefits from day one,” the company tweeted. “We also lobby to raise federal minimum wage.”

AOC is an empty vessel filled with misinformation and communist doctrine. Once a campaign worker for the communist Bernie Sanders — and he is definitely a communist — AOC probably learned from him. Bernie ran for President in 2016 spouting inaccurate hateful messages at Amazon and other companies.

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