Alexandria Ocommie-Cortez Gets Slapped [Figuratively] by House Dem


Rep. Seth Moulton (Leftist-Mass.) called out Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s (L-N.Y.) tweet defending House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi‘s (L-Calif.) Speaker campaign as “offensive” during an interview with Boston Public Radio on Friday.

The comment Alexandria Ocommie Cortez he found offensive was her saying the opposition to Pelosi was coming from the right who want to make the party more conservative.

What could be more offensive to a leftist than being called conservative?

He said it was offensive to him and other legislators like Linda Sanchez who is a Progressive who wanted a change in leadership. The Hill reported:

“It’s offensive because [Linda Sánchez] is in the progressive caucus, she is not to the right of Nancy Pelosi, and it’s also offensive because she’s a woman,” Moulton said.

“We need to make room for a new generation of leaders,” Moulton said. “This election was a call for change from the American people, and we have an extraordinary freshman class that includes a lot of young people, LGBT candidates and an extraordinary number of women and veterans.”

While he said he has nothing against Pelosi personally, she has “a stranglehold on the caucus right now that people recognize that if they come out against her now, that she’ll turn all her allies against whoever steps up in a very vindictive way and it’ll be very hard to win an election.”

Commies like Moulton just can’t trust these far-left commies like Ocasio-Cortez. Ocommie-Cortez is angering a lot of Democrats. It should be entertaining watching them all eat each other. However, Pelosi might be able to control Ocommie who must realize by now Pelosi is her ticket to longevity.

Ocommie caved right away on making her Speaker but she has a point when she calls Pelosi the most Progressive (hardcore). She is just not blatantly so. Pelosi wants to make us commies but do it incrementally.

This is the tweet he found offensive.

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