Alien Who Tried to Kill Police in Arkansas Was an Obama’s DACA Peep


Remember the illegal alien who shot at police in an attempt to murder them in Arkansas? The video went viral. The alien is not illegal exactly. He’s DACA! He’s one of Obama’s favored peeps.

Luis Cobos-Cenobio, 29, faces charges of terrorism and attempted capital murder after a shooting spree that saw him open fire at on police during two separate confrontations as he tried to escape a routine traffic stop last week, authorities said.

Mr. Cobos-Cenobio had at least two previous arrests, officials said, including one misdemeanor charge in 2015 that brought him to ICE’s attention. But the Obama administration, which was in office at the time, concluded he wasn’t a danger, and declined to pursue deportation.

How can this be? All illegals are wonderful. Watch him try to kill this officer.

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