All About San Diego’s Ban on Using the Words “Manmade”, “Common Man”, “Founding Fathers”


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A new manual put out by the city of San Diego warns employees to use “bias-free language”. With President’s week coming up, the employees had been told not to mention Founding Fathers and to say “Founders” instead.

Also banned are “the common man,” “manmade,” “man up” and many others.

When preparing official reports, they were told to use bias-free language.

Why are people tolerating this in America?

The Pacific Justice Institute wrote a letter to Mayor Kevin Faulconer calling for the guidelines to be rescinded. In the letter, they noted more than 1,500 Supreme Court and lower court decisions that have invoked the Founding Fathers.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, noted, “At a time set aside to honor American icons to whom we owe our constitutional freedoms, it is offensive and indefensible that the City of San Diego is directing employees not to even mention the Founding Fathers. We are calling on the mayor to immediately retract these guidelines and reassure city employees that they will not be punished for being patriotic. We cannot allow this type of censorship and PC insanity to destroy our free speech.”

PJI also offered to represent any city employee punished for their patriotic expression — free of charge.

The city has backed off and said no employee will be punished for using the “biased” language.

This is what so-called liberals are doing for our country. They are far closer to fascism than liberalism.

Here is some more crap from the guide.

LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning) is an inclusive term and is preferred over homosexual. Avoid using phrases like sexual preference or the gay lifestyle.

When the context calls for discussion of people with and without disabilities, use the term people without disabilities rather than normal or able-bodied. Normal implies that by comparison, people with disabilities are abnormal; able-bodied suggests that all people with disabilities are unable to compensate for their disabilities.

Review written communication and visual materials to ensure that, where appropriate, all groups, women and men, people of various ethnicities, people of all ages, and people with varying physical abilities are represented. City publications should aim for reasonable representation of all groups involved.

Be sensitive to religion when referring to various ethnic groups. Do not make assumptions. Just as not all Arabs are Muslim, most nationalities and ethnicities will embody different religious practices. Avoid stereotyping a race, nationality or ethnic group with a specific religion.

Attention must be paid to the punctuation used in referring to ethnic groups. When the terms African-American and Asian-American are used as modifiers, they should be hyphenated. Examples: -She is African-American -The African-American student

Stay attuned to the current terminology by which racial and ethnic groups refer to themselves (from Negro to African-American, from Oriental to Asian-American, etc.). national newspapers and university publications are good indicators of preferred terminology. Also, ask people what term they prefer.

Avoid the term non-white, which sets up white culture as the standard by which all other cultures should be judged. Do not use culturally disadvantaged and culturally deprived. These terms imply that the dominant culture is superior to others or that other groups lack a culture.

Read the full 82-page set of rules and regulations HERE.

The letter from the Pacific Justice Institute.

letter from PIJ

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Wayne E. Lovison
Wayne E. Lovison
6 years ago

I”ve been in and around Diego many times while in the service – but I won’t show up there anytime soon based the amended Ban on the verbiage of; Manmade – Common Man and Founding Fathers! What the hell is this world coming to – and to beat it all to hell our Country has rights Freedom of Speech sorta jumps out don’t it – of which, many of these words have been used in Congress and American made products (when we used to make things) or have they forgotten their history.

This is absurd and needs to be amended by those who think a Ban was needed. Then go see a doctor and try to explain how you lost your mind during this process

aka: Boats

6 years ago

Awwww, man! And just when you thought the hysteria was confined to college campuses, you find that it’s where we live, work, play and pray. And it all started with a nutjob named Madlyn Murray O’Hare who had a fling with the Supreme court fifty years ago in which the First A,mendment was corrupted and bludgeoned to death and everybody stood around wringing their hands saying “There’s nothing we can do. We have to obey.”