All Buzzfeed Editor Wants for Christmas Is Communism


For those who doubt where the United States is headed, at least in the eyes of the media, check out the tweet. Buzzfeed is famous for publishing the fraudulent anti-Trump dossier and mostly leftist viewpoints. They call themselves mainstream media and most of the media treats them as if they are. We are letting lunacy take charge.

If communism is so great, why aren’t people sneaking in to communist countries illegally? Why is Venezuela collapsing? Ms. Oakes should really consider traveling to some lovely Communist country like North Korea.

Tell me where communism works, someone, please.

Kelly Oakes is the science editor. Her tweets are now protected but she’s blocked us anyway.

She had to protect her tweets after people around the world tweeted back some unfriendly responses.

One of the best tweets was from the Federalist contributor. She tweeted in Russian, “Oh God, what a joke”.

This one’s good too.

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