All I Wanted For Christmas…A Statesman.


I went to sleep early that night with hope and prayer.
Will I awake the next morning still filled with despair.

My wants, were I thought, simple and fluid.
Alas they were not, for the elected and most, they thought they were just putrid.

When was it decided that the constitutional founding principles were thought of to be a rotting stench?
When was it looked down upon to be involved with the ideas of self determination?
Why is individualism such a bad thing?

Is there a Statesman in house?  Hello. Hello. Statesman, Statesman anywhere? Please stand up!

The house and senate just approved a payroll tax deal that does more to define the directional failure of  this government  than any issue before it.
We have underfunded and failing entitlement programs in the text of social security, medicare and medicaid. We have a national debt that has just blown through the 15 trillion dollar ceiling. Job creation continues to spiral down the tubes along with the housing market (yes, they are hand in hand) National Healthcare implementation continues to increase the operating costs on business thus aiding their non growth abilities .

In the payroll tax debate not one word or discussion as to the ludicrous thought process of any of the choices provided;

1. Social Security is underfunded period. It is backed by iou’s of promises. Promises of the same ilk that say “I will gladly     pay you today for a hamburger tomorrow”
2. An extension of 2 months. This political posturing of a joke is on our backs. The naive disposition of the thought should   be condemned just for being brought up.
3. A one year extension can be filed right along with the above.

These are the three points that were presented for public discussion…Are you kidding me? Where is the Statesman?

We don’t need or want politicians, we want solutions. The payroll tax is a non starter. It does nothing, as a matter of fact for those that don’t know ,why was it not brought to light that payroll tax funding would now be derived from a tax or fee on housing sales. Braintrust how does that help the housing market? Where is the Statesman?

The Keystone Pipeline was part of the negotiations.This a project that was originally pushed off by the president until next year (after the elections due to environmental lobbyists). A substantial job creating, revenue producing, as well as energy cost reducing project that can be realized almost immediately. How many heard about that?

Let’s also be clear, our system of government was devised in such away as to protect it’s own integrity. One failed part of that system cannot bring down it’s entirety. It would take the coordinated efforts of all branches to do that. So if you had a weak President he would need cooperation of the other branches. So in saying it is important to realize the building blocks of a failed system  takes time to create. Every election is important to maintaining the foundation of that structure and with that every voice is equally important so again I ask,

Where is our Statesman?

It is clear and evident that we have spending that is out of control (spending more than we can repay). Committees have been formed in such a way that like the housing market, so are the committees underwater. They meet, they greet and in doing so they simply repeat. The problem has been addressed, identified and unresolved and the ticking continues,13trillion ,14 trillion, 15 trillion…….. listen up folks there’s a pattern here.

Where is the Statesman?

Who will be the leader? Who will address the issue? Who will be bold with fortitude?
Among the present leaders I see and hear nothing, same old, same old . Distraction here, sound bite there. and the ticking continues 16trillion, 17trillion.
How can ever so simple be ever so elusive? How can we stand aside and just watch. As a friend of mine said, is it or has it come down to a time where all we can do is Prepare for the inevitable?
Is there no fortitude left? Is it truly as I once wrote a time where we have  become a country on bended knee?

Where is our Statesman?

The time for politicizing is over we have to act now! The solutions are there. As one nominee so eloquently put it, we need backbone and right now titanium would work quite nicely. An election was held in 2010 one in which the people spoke loud and clear on the direction they choose to move in. Failure to remember this will bring disdain and a situation that may throw this great country off the cliff to a place usually reserved for side chair combatants.

This is a country that was founded on leadership. Leadership of principles that instilled  individual rights and growth. We are longing for that leadership, one that allows the individual to lead himself not to be carried by others.

So after visiting Christmas Past and presently sleeping in Christmas Present I  have the hope that I will awaken to a Christmas Future that will resemble the ideologies laid down by our forefathers in the not to long ago Christmas Past.

To do so I say, bring on the The Statesman all others……step aside.


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