All Out War Against Fox News Now Involves the US Postal Service


CNN gleefully reported that the USPS is now involved in the Grand Jury investigation of how financial payments to women “sexually harassed” by Roger Ailes. We put that in quotes because there have been no trials.

The left is out to destroy Fox News and the Murdoch boys want to turn it left. The investigation and complaints play very nicely into the goal of transforming the network into a left-wing enterprise.

In this case, investigators are said to be exploring whether Fox News declared these payments properly in its financial statements, or if it disguised them somehow in order to avoid detection, and financial-crime experts from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service have been brought in to assist.

Justice Department staff have been interviewing those involved-including former employees at the network-for the past several weeks, CNN said. Investigators have been asking “how the shareholder money was spent, who knew, and who should have known.”

Investigators have been probing possible misconduct by Fox News personnel and asking questions about the overall environment at the network.

They have also been asking questions about mysterious confidants of Ailes — people who were known inside Fox as “friends of Roger.”

CNN never mentions the lawsuit against CNN itself over 200 minorities who say they were racially discriminated against and harassed. They only discuss Fox’s alleged ills because the war is on Fox by the hard-left, including David Brock, George Soros and other notorious leftists.

We learned this week that Bill Shine, a key executive at Fox and the last Ailes holdover, is being maligned and facing termination. Without him, Fox as we know it is gone.

The expansion of the investigation to include the postal service is not unusual or extraordinary as CNN would have us believe.

This investigation came about thanks to leftist U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.  He was looking into whether Fox News failed to inform shareholders about repeated settlements for allegations of sexual harassment and assault by former Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes and other executives against female employees.

The FBI is also looking into “friends” that former network chief Roger Ailes kept on the payroll, according to CNN’s creepy Brian Stelter.

This took place after leftist groups filed complaints.

It’s a feeding frenzy against Fox.

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