All the Many Lies of ‘Credible’ Christine Blasey Ford


Wouldn’t it be interesting if Credible Blasey Ford had to answer for her lies during her “100 percent” certain testimony about Judge Kavanaugh?


Her lie about her friend Leland Keyser attending the 1982 party should be investigated. When Credible Christine was questioned about it during the hearing, she threw her friend under the bus and said Leland has dealing with health problems and she’s glad she’s getting the help she needs.

Ms. Keyser has doubled down on her statement in a letter to the Senate Judiciary.


As reporter James Hirsen stated, the claim is patently false.  That’s not all. She gave five different accounts of the number of the people at the party; can’t remember the leaks to reporters; lied about being afraid to fly’ and doesn’t know who paid for the polygraph or her lawyer.

She was also very vague about those scam gofundme pages that are over $700,000.


This is a big lie because it’s the excuse for remembering her suppressed memory of the assault.

Another apparent lie that Paul Sperry reported yesterday, concerns the entire core of her story – the house remodeling and remembering why she is claustrophobic.

The 2012 remodel of her home is what spurred the memories of her traumatic groping experience with Brett Kavanaugh 30 years before. The only problem is the house was remodeled in 2008, according to government records.

Like Ann Coulter said:


Sperry found that Ms. Blasey is quite well off yet she is paying for nothing.

Sperry also brought up the obvious in a tweet: If Ford cannot remember where she was, how she got there, what day it was, who all was there, or how she got home, how can she be “100%” certain Kavanaugh was there & sexually assaulted her? Nobody asked her this ridiculously obvious question (incl the well-paid cipher Mitchell).


Sperry mentioned something else we already reported. Just before Credible Christine allegedly told a therapist about her repressed memories, Jeffrey Toobin wrote that Mitt Romney was tapping Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

“On March 26, 2012 — just weeks before Ford came out to her therapist about Kavanaugh — Jeffrey Toobin wrote a big story in The New Yorker trashing Kavanaugh & warning Romney could tap him for SC if he won the election that year,” Sperry tweeted.

Nothing suspicious here at all. Don’t get conspiratorial now.


Not sure how sound body language is. It’s not a science but this is very interesting.


  1. Their complete total hate of everything that is not of their liking is doing them in…they think that all those spitting venom, shouting vile obscenities and harassing/bullying people make up the majority…boy are they in for another surprise in November 2018…as was Hillary in 2016…here comes the “Red Tsunami” in a basket of “deplorables”…

    • I had seen that article but I’ve been away for four days and couldn’t check. I just did a search for a license in teaching or mental health and can’t find anything for her. Another lie.

    • She took an Ed Psyh program -it’s a lesser degree -she can’t do therapy -just school psych-she’s eligible to be a school psychologist. She might have a teaching license -she should -she can’t be licensed for therapy unless she goes for clinical psych.

  2. THE FBI should be looking into Ms.Ford’s yearbooks, as she and her girlfriends brag about ‘drinking until they pass out, ‘showing younger boys the Sexual Ropes, etc. It was online until it was Scrubbed by her Attorney Katz(I guess) along with Katz’ friend Soros, who bankrolled Other Protesters to attack Flake in the elevators….This also should be noted: Some very savvy Geek Squad type, captured HER yearbooks BEFORE her slick attorneys ‘Scrubbed it, along with her Twitter/FB accounts’……..


    • For her crimes of perjury, she has: Motive – $750K so far and more Soros $$ to come, Roe V Wade, Democratic operative, etc… She has opportunity: Thanks to Diane and the rest of the Democratic machine, many resources to coach her and provide false partial documents….

      AND the unwavering support of a national media and hysterical hypocritical women world wide.

      Can you imagine if and HONEST FBI team does this investigation ? There are still some…

  3. When I first read about the deletion of all social media accounts that immediately sent up a red flag.

    Her stating “when” she began speaking of Kavanaugh is too coincidental with the Planned Parenthood’s faux NYT article about Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court and the reversal of Roe v. Wade in a 5-4 decision. It showed Kavanaugh had replaced Ginsburg on the Court. What did she say on social media during that time.

    Why was references to her as “Psychologist” updated and removed at the University.

    The original hand written letter I saw and read certainly didn’t seem to be written by a person with a PhD. And while IN the hearing she had to correct previous written testimony. Surely after confronting this in 2012 the details would have been hammered out.

    I have also read that Mark Judge’s book included references to him working at a Safeway. As far as I am aware of she never mentions Safeway until the hearing, which would be a significant detail. Was all this being investigated from the time of the original letter and they were trying to compile a “dossier”.

    Is the reason for those in the media, including Fox, about her sounding believable due to the “scratchy voice”. I don’t see the “emotion” that would accompany such a voice difficulty. A facial expression would coincide with that voice. And Then, she turns that voice off in a split second, with no clearing of the throat.

    My conclusion is, Give me a break.

  4. The “well-paid cipher, Mitchell” turned out to be a totally useless waste of time, money and oxygen! She looked like a portly old maiden who could not tell the difference between a lie and a fly! She made an ass out of herself.

  5. Notice that she didn’t stop to drink any water at all during her testimony, even though her voice was “cracking” as if her throat were dry, and she never struggled not to lose her composure. In contrast, the emotion of Brett Kavanaugh was so much more raw and genuine. He stopped several times to drink water and clear his throat, even making “unattractive” facial expressions to try to maintain composure and sniffling to not cry, whereas she was using her little girl voice and acting cutesy the whole time, far from the professional lecturer that she actually is. Also, she says she’s claustrophobic from the attack, but not while on “vacation” airplanes? Bulls**t. They obviously just needed more time to rehearse with her. If there are photos of her doing anything like scuba dive or snorkel with a mask over her face, that’s another lie. Claustrophobics don’t like things over their faces.

  6. ”Christine Blasey Ford Published Eight studies about “Abortion Pill” and Works for Company that Produces It” ~ Gateway Pundit, September 20, 2018

  7. Ford ‘acted’ like someone with a multiple personality disorder. Personally, I think she’s an abortion-loving feminist with ties to the abortion industry. And the feminists/Democrats don’t want to end Roe v. Wade because PP supports their party and lines their pockets.

  8. Uh Oh. Grassley makes a criminal referral to the FBI. Someone made apparent false statements to investigators alleging misconduct by Judge Kavanaugh.

  9. Rachel Mitchell the lady questioning her let her get away with this questioning about Leland Keyser…..heres some of the transcript: WHEN YOU DID LEAVE THAT NIGHT, DIDN’T LELAND KEYSER EVER FOLLOW UP AND SAY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?…….. FORDS ANSWER; I’VE HAD COMMUNICATIONS WITH HER RECENTLY, MITCHELL; I’AM TALKING ABOUT THE NEXT DAY…….. FORDS ANSWER; NO, SHE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE EVENT. SHE WAS DOWNSTAIRS AND I DID NOT SHARE WITH HER…. Mitchell didn’t pursue it any more, the question was did Leland the next day or two ask why you left the party without saying so-long to anybody, it was not about if Leland knew you were attacked, everyone knows Leland wasn’t upstairs in the room with Ford, judge,and kavanaugh, The FBI should follow up on this line of questioning,

  10. Just an aside: A friend of mine, said her Mom was going to vote Democrat, but after watching the Ford/Kavanaugh hearings, she’s voting Republican. She was not impressed with Ford, she’s so disgusted with what’s being done to Kavanaugh.

    My friends mom times thousands in a backlash against the Dems?

    • WE hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump… it will solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.

  11. Another reason I put little stock in Fox. The woman on their morning show spoke about seeing the yearbook and what some were saying certain things meant. It goes to show how “gullible” people are that are part of media circles. Certain stories, such as this yearbook, I don’t even bother to read since so much of it is gossip or hearsay.

    It is the same with so many making the attempt to equate drinking, or heavy drinking, with automatically prone to black-outs. This is another utterly ridiculous conclusion. It Should be obvious to anyone that drinking to a level of black-outs is an extremely rare condition. Anecdotally, in the many years of drinking, even regularly, I Should have known Someone with that condition. This assertion is nothing but reaching for straws.

    The more I watch of Ms Ford’s testimony the more it appears to be a mediocre job of acting. Of course no one in the media “dare” draw this conclusion or even “dare” to mention it.

    • HER yearbooks are the ones that SHOULD be read by the FBI-she and her girlfriends speak about drinking to a point of blacking out, “teaching the sexual ROPES to younger guys, partying…so Let’s have the FBI look at HER yearbooks that got “Scrubbed off the net”(and her Twitter/FB accts.) but NOT before a clever geeksquad type Captured them and I have read them because of this “so called, VICTIM…she is NO VICTIM
      as she sounds like she was a “Fast Gal in School”

      Also, she is seen in a picture at a party WITH Soros, who funds ALL these “meToo types” to protest, so he perhaps is doing Likewise to Ford…knowing she went to nearby area schools where a Future SCOTUS Judge went. THIS SMELLS OF SOROS/CORRUPT DEMOCRATS LIKE THEY ALWAYS SMEAR ANYTHING TRUMP-AND IT IS TIME TO HAVE THE FBI INVESTIGATE THOSE WHO LEAKED THE #’S of 3 Republicans homes, harassing the wife on her birthday(as all info is out; the PC WAS TRACED TO NONE OTHER THAN MAXINE WATERS, AND SHE SHOULD BE FIRED FROM CONGRESS, AS IT IS SHE IS “ALREADY DEEMED TO BE THE MOST CORRUPT MEMBER OF CONGRESS”

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