All the Media Is Talking About Is How the Loons v. Loons Violence Is Trump’s Fault


All anyone is talking about Sunday is how President Trump didn’t mention the white nationalists by name. However, people should be mindful of the fact that the President and his followers were subject to violence and assaults throughout the campaign. Those offenders were Antifa, Black Lives Matter and similar violent leftist groups. If anyone knows about the violent left, he does.

The condemnation came fast and furious but Trump had some defenders

H.R. McMaster condemned the violence in Charlottesville Sunday on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. He said it’s clearly an act of domestic terrorism.

Todd asked McMaster why President Trump didn’t single out the neo-Nazis and white supremacists. McMaster responded, “When he condemned bigotry and hatred on all sides, that includes them. It’s clear — I know it’s clear in his mind. It ought to be clear to all Americans, we cannot tolerate obviously that bigotry, that hatred, that’s rooted in ignorance of what America stands for. ”

Sherrilynn Ifill of the NAACP legal defense fund said Trump’s response to yesterday’s terrorist act was “anemic, insufficient and unacceptable.”

The Charlottesville mayor blamed the President for “courting” white nationalists during the campaign. [The “courting” was what the news media said he did during the campaign though he repeatedly disavowed David Duke and those types of groups.] “There has to be a stop to this violent white supremacy,” he said.

White House adviser Tom Bossert hit back at Jack Tapper and said, “You’ll continue to press on the words Trump didn’t say”. He added that Trump rose to a “presidential level” with his “counter message of love and dignity”.

The Mooch is back and told George Stephanopoulos on ABC News on Sunday that Trump needed to be “much harsher” about the white nationalists.

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Leticia Brooks [SPLC is a hate group itself] said, “Alt right is just a fancy name as you said for white supremacists and white nationalists and they are essentially the same. What I think is important to note about today and what happened in Charlottesville is that over 12 different organizations that are affiliated with white nationalism and white supremacists came together under this Bannnite right. And there was a poster emblazed with join or die and they had the Vanguard America…and the nationalist social movement and anti-community movement. This is what I believe Reverend Barber [he’s certifiable] spoke to earlier, this is a very strategic move on the part of white nationalists and white supremacists. I would also note that David Duke [he’s certifiable], after the President’s statement, seemed to be disappointed and reminded the president that it was white America that put him into office and not liberal activists.”

[Vanguard America said he was not a member. The shields were given to everyone at a rally.]

It needs to be mentioned that everyone on the right is being brought under the umbrella of these lunatic fringe people. Depending on which report you believe, there were only somewhere between 200 and 500 of these white supremacists in Charlottesville. There weren’t 2,000 or 6,000.

Trent Franks told Judge Jeanine that the left throws around racism so much that they diminish it when something truly racist happens.

Dr. Carol Swain said the rise of new white nationalism occurred long before Trump’s election. She believes all whites are racist.

Jesse Jackson said “We see a pattern of anti-human rights’ from Trump.”

Mike Huckabee said, “I don’t know what they expect the president to do. At the time he made the comment, the driver of the car had not even been identified. What is he supposed to say? Is he supposed to do with Barack Obama used to do and jump to a conclusion and make a decision like he did in Ferguson, Missouri which turned out to be untrue? I thought what he condemned is what we can all immediately condemn. Some coward in a car drove into innocent people to try to kill them. He condemned that. What else is he supposed to do. Some criticized him because he said violence on both sides.

Oddly, the hate mongering former president Barack Obama skates.

Watch the anti-Donald J. Trump rally in New York City live. The “No” signs you see were commissioned by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. How ironic.

These people are hard-left lunatics.

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