All Those Who Torched Felon John Dean During the Dems Kangaroo Court


All three ‘witnesses’ during today’s testimony at Jerrold Nadler’s kangaroo court are regular guests on Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC and are hyper-partisans who have been very vocal in ripping the President.

Biased felon John Dean was especially easy pickings for Republicans.


Rep. Jordan cornered Dean on his advice to Michael Cohen’s attorney.

Michael Cohen followed felon John Dean’s advice to hold his testimony as long as possible from Republicans. Dean gave the advice to Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis. Michael Cohen took his advice and then lied seven times, Rep. Jim Jordan said.

Dean is still slippery. He told Rep. Jordan he did not go to prison at the end of this clip. In fact, he was sentenced to four months in a federal pen and served his time in a fort.

Basically, Dean advised Lanny Davis to obstruct the House Committee. Jordan ripped into his poor character which isn’t hard to do.


Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, blasted Democrats on the committee Monday for calling in former White House counsel and Watergate whistleblower John Dean to testify on the Mueller report.

In his opening statement before the committee, Collins said, “This committee is now a hearing from the 70s and wants their star witness back,” adding “they have the Godfather here today.”

Rep. Doug Collins kicked off the clown show by exposing it for what it is:

This is the full segment:


Matt Gaetz torched Dean also. Whatever reputation Dean had is destroyed with anyone paying attention. He got Dean to admit he has made a cottage industry out of claiming Republican presidents are guilty of Watergate-style crimes.


Louie Gohmert used sarcasm to bring out John Dean’s real qualities.

“Mr. Dean, you have a lot more qualifications in this area than they [Democrats] actually provided in the introduction.”

The congressman then brought up a New York Times story that accused Dean of perjury and conspiracy during his time with the Nixon White House.

“Did you ever order or convey an order to break in to the Democratic headquarters at Watergate hotel?” Gohmert asks after listing off the various criminal accusations against Dean stemming from his time with Nixon.

Dean responded by taking issue with Gohmert’s description of him pleading guilty to authorities.

“That came from the New York Times,” Gohmert said. “You can take it up with them.”



  1. I really wish these Republicans would “cite” the DOJ in these matters. This comes DIRECTLY from the DOJ. And you have Weissman attempting to dance around this.

    “Despite its coverage, section 1512 was not intended to reach all forms of witness tampering. Its coverage is limited to tampering accomplished by the specific means enumerated in the provision.

    Sections 1512(a) and 1512(b) require, in addition to general intent, a specific intent, for example, the intent to influence testimony in an official proceeding. These requirements of specific intent are self-explanatory. In contrast, § 1512(c) does not require specific intent but specific results, for example, preventing a witness from testifying at an official proceeding.”

  2. This kind of sharp GOP questioning is why Mueller will make every effort to avoid testifying before Congress.

  3. Well, this is mighty peculiar. A good many conservative YouTube sites are showing “error” in loading. I’ve checked quite a few now. This includes the TimCast channel. Many other channels are running with no issues. This happened while in the middle of listening to Dan Bongino and broke before ten minutes into it.

    • We post Fox videos and used to get thousands of viewers on each. Now we are lucky to get 100. We had 16,000 subscribed very quickly but now we have 14k. YouTube said they deleted those more than 2,000 accounts. We don’t monetize it so there is no money involved but free speech is a concern.

      • Something certainly is going on with their backend. I have quite a few bookmarked and just kept going through, one after another, and each came up with a loading error. Anything that wasn’t Conservative worked fine.

        I’ve been thinking about this whole 230 issue. The ‘law’ carves out an ‘exemption’ for the tech companies at the “expense” of the creators on those sites. So essentially what the law did was “abridge” the First Amendment freedom of one party for another. This would appear on the surface to be a clear violation of the First Amendment in Congress making “no law” abridging. The talk is always ‘publisher’ vs. ‘platform’ but no one has actually pursued the case on the First Amendment grounds itself. All the cases I’ve seen are based solely upon the text of the law but not the law itself. It would be interesting to see a discussion in that regard.

  4. And the leftist circus continues. All the clowns are being called to testify to something which never happened, except in the minds of the liberals.
    John Dean? Wow! The left is really deep diving into the swamp to attempt to save their butts come 2020.
    Two sayings come to mind in watching these leftist clowns. “Ya can’t fix stupid”, and “liberalism is a serious mental disorder”. Both apply to the crop of dims and their cohorts in DC.
    MAGA 2020.

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