All You Need to Know About the Debates Right Here! Videos


To summarize the debates: No more private insurance, big government socialism, and open borders, amnesty for all, high taxes, healthcare for illegals, so-called assault weapons ban, and Medicare For All.

The candidates are way to the left of Barack Obama, way, way, way to the left of Bill Clinton. I am not saying that alone, CNN said it.


All the candidates said the economy is bad for workers. HUH???

None of the radicals were capable of answering a question.

The audience was of one mind, booing the more moderate Democrats.

Don Lemon called the President a bigot when he’s not there to defend himself. Nice touch, so fair. CNN had their invisible Trump pinata out.

CNN picked the winners. They are Bernie Sanders – Steve Bullock – Pete Buttigieg – John Delaney – Elizabeth Warren.

Speaking times reflected who the station prefers in my humble opinion.

Chris Matthews criticized Warren’s and Bernie’s healthcare plan. Warren, in particular, wouldn’t talk about how she’d pay for it all.

Warren wants $2 trillion for climate change on top of this and she plans to give Medicare For All, including vision, hearing, longterm care, dental, to all foreigners who pop in. Everyone in the world will come here for their medical care — everyone.

Warren wouldn’t answer a question and Matthews is getting slammed for trying to get an answer.

The fake Twitter people on the unreal Twitter are infuriated with Matthews, not Warren for refusing to give a straight answer.


Elizabeth Warren wants free pre-school through college, free healthcare, entitlements for all. The Massachusetts commie wants the government to guarantee the wages of care workers.

She still hates corporations, she’s still angry and screaming.

Warren is still pretending she’s a capitalist. Warren says US corporations are evil so the government has to control them.


Bernie Sanders went wild calling for the government to pay all medical bills for 3million-plus undocumented aliens. Only way to fund that is seizure of private assets.

Crazy Bernie is still pushing the totally unaffordable Medicare For All and he wants illegals to get it. Tim Ryan sounds normal, but I don’t like him. He wouldn’t put his hand on his heart during the Pledge. What kind of President would he make?

Instead of explaining how he’s going to pay for his Medicare For All, he comes out with dumb soundbites. Then the audience goes wild — over nothing.


Normal candidate, John Delaney, or Hickenlooper, might not have a chance, but they did better than the extreme radicals Buttigieg, Warren, and Bernie. [Since we wrote this, we discovered Delaney isn’t normal. He’s far left too — look here.

Klobuchar, allegedly a moderate wants open borders and amnesty,

Williamson, not normal, but interesting, seems nice, had a good night because she’s spiritual and talks about ‘dark psychic forces.’

I think I have to agree with Kimmel here.



This Bullock guy is an open borders fool, blaming the President for trying to stop the invasion.


Unsteady Beto says he will hold China accountable. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Crazy Beto also wants the USA to assist Central American countries so no one would want to come here. That is so ass-backward and obviously wouldn’t work.

He wants the government to pay room and board as well as college tuition for everyone.

Desperate Beto is trying to sell himself by convincing people he can win Texas with all those votes. It would be the end of the GOP. Only he can’t win Texas. They know he’s a dufus now.


Buttigieg got spiritual. He quoted the Scriptures to justify raising the minimum wage, but no Christians can tell me where it is in the Bible and I sure don’t remember reading it. It actually hurts the low-wage workers.

He says Obamacare’s great and claims Medicare For All isn’t socialist, although it clearly is.

Buttigieg repeated a line he keeps repeating about the GOP.


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