All You Need to Know About the People Running the Country



Senator Harry Reid all but admitted he lied during the 2012 election when he said Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes.

Reid didn’t care and he won’t apologize because Romney didn’t win election and that’s all that matters to him.

Fox News reporter James Rosen asked Josh Earnest about Reid’s comments.

“This week, we saw my CNN colleague Dana Bash do an interview with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid,” Fox News reporter James Rosen began, “in which she asked him about his decision in the midst of the 2012 presidential campaign to take to the Senate floor and accuse Mitt Romney of not paying taxes, and demanding that Mitt Romney in fact prove that he had paid his taxes.”

“And when Dana Bash asked him about this, she mentioned that some people called it ‘McCarthyite,’ and of course, no evidence has ever been produced to show that Mitt Romney failed to pay his taxes,” he continued. “I wonder if President Obama, who has lamented this incivility in our politics, this disrespect in our politics, has any view of Harry Reid telling Dana Bash in response to this question, ‘Well, Romney didn’t get elected, did he?’”

“I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to the president about Senator Reid’s interview,” Earnest responded. “…He is obviously a vocal supporter of the president, and they have a partnership that will go down in history as a remarkably productive one. But ultimately it’s up to Senator Reid what he’s going to say on the Senate floor.”

“But it’s the president’s choice and his spokesman choice to call out conduct unbecoming of our highest elected officials, when it is in fact unbecoming,” Rosen pushed back. “Are you going to take that opportunity now?”

“Not for something that’s three years old,” Earnest said.

Not a single Democrat has condemned Harry Reid’s unethical behavior.  Not a one.

Senator Charles Schumer of New York issued a statement praising Reid as “one of the best human beings I’ve ever met.”

“His character and fundamental decency are at the core of why he’s been such a successful and beloved leader. He’s so respected by our caucus for his strength, his legislative acumen, his honesty and his determination. He has left a major mark on this body, this country, and on so many who have met him, gotten to know him, and love him,” Schumer said.

This is what you will get from every Democrat.

If there is something Reid is not, it’s a man of character – an honest man.

Lies, manipulation of the public, tyrannical rule over the Senate are all Reid trademarks and they are trademarks of the Democratic Party. Winning is all that counts. How you get there is meaningless.


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