Alleged Puerto Rican Officer Says Mayor Yulin Won’t Let Police Distribute Critical Supplies


The San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz has been ripping our FEMA first responders and the President for allegedly not helping Puerto Rico. She even said it while surrounded by supplies from the U.S. Not only has the FEMA Director come out to contradict her, a Puerto Rican police officer said two days ago that she won’t let police distribute supplies as she waits for some license. Meanwhile people are in dire straits and the U.S. Lt. Gen. in charge says the damage is the “worst he has ever seen”.

Cruz has complained of the failure to distribute.

A San Juan police officer – allegedly – has a very different and alarming complaint.

A woman called in to a radio station in Puerto Rico saying she is a police officer but is not being allowed to distribute the critical supplies, water and food because the Democrat Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz won’t let them. This is a very upsetting phone call because the woman sounds desperate.

Her claim during the September 27th phone call is:

“The Mayor, Carmen Yulin, is not allowing anyone to distribute… We need… what Puerto Ricans need is that the U.S. armed forces come in and distribute the aid. And that they stop the governor, Rosello, and the mayor, Yulin, on doing what they are doing.

It’s an abuse, it looks like communism, in our own island.

Help is not being accepted she said. “They have to wait for the license, that there are no buses.”

Let me tell you something Boricuas (Puerto Ricans) are dying of hunger.

This is a bureaucracy, everything has to be protocol, the lines are stretched.

We can only give one box of water per person.

The medics here, people are dying, the hospitals are in crisis.”

The FEMA chief blasts the San Juan mayor, suggests she doesn’t bother to come to planning meetings.

FEMA administrator Brock Long defended President Trump’s tweets and blasted San Juan’s mayor for criticizing the relief efforts following Hurricane Maria.

In an interview on CNN, Long suggested that the mayor of Puerto Rico’s capital city, has failed to connect with a command center FEMA set up on the island to help with the relief effort.

“What we need is for the mayor, the good mayor, to make her way to the joint field office and get plugged into what’s going on and be successful,” he continued, adding that, “I think that’s the bottom line on that tweet.”

The mayor seems opposed to planning meetings. On September, she said, in part:

“We need to get our s–t together because people are dying,” San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz told CBS News on Tuesday. …“Every moment we spend planning in a meeting or every moment we spend just not getting the help we’re supposed to get, people are starting to die,” she said bluntly.

The mayor’s absence and lack of participation has been confirmed by at least one other mayor. Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez Otero says that Mayor Yulin Cruz has been a no show at coordination meetings between FEMA, U.S. military officials, and Puerto Rican leaders.

“I’ve seen other mayors participating. She’s not,” said Perez Otero.

President Ricardo Rossello praised the President and said he has done everything he can. Every time he has called, the President has responded.

Ignore the fake news.

Worst damage the general has ever seen

Lt. Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan, the Department of Defense’s primary military liaison with FEMA, said the damage is the worst he has ever seen and the worst problem is in the interior of the country, specifically the roads. They need to be cleared to get supplies to the people.

It’s one of the worst natural disasters in our recent history and the mayor is claiming that people are dying because of U.S. inefficiency. That is not accurate. It was 16 dead after the storm and it’s 16 now.

The damage to Puerto Rico from one cell tower can be seen in this clip.

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