They Are Already Going After Tucker Carlson


The photo above came from Reddit but it’s been verified. If you think the hard-left, which now runs the Democrat Party, will stop at O’Reilly, you are mistaken. The Rupert brothers will be willing collaborators with the hard-left as they dump conservative after conservative.

Our screenshot follows. Notice Media Matters’ comments. They are the ones behind O’Reilly’s firing. They are a George Soros organization and they smell blood in the water.

These are lies by the way. Tucker is no sexist. He’s a Libertarian – not his thing.

Hannity is also on the chopping block. Expect advertisers to pull out of these shows eventually.

Personally, I thought Hannity was next, but Tucker is an easier mark. The Ruperts put Tucker in O’Reilly’s spot, possibly because they think he will fail – it’s possible – that’s only a thought. However, we have heard, as has Beck, that the Ruperts want to put a non-political talk show host in that spot. Keep that in mind.

As Glenn Beck said, firing O’Reilly was a “game-changer”. He was the big fish and the least conservative of the batch they want to destroy. If they can get him, they can get any of the rest.

CBS News reported that it was the Progressive wives of the Murdoch brothers who insisted O’Reilly must go, though I doubt the boys put up much of a fight.

Beck gave a detailed account of how he was treated by Fox on his radio show on the 19th. He said that when he first met the head honchos, he and his team felt like they met with the mob. They were a scary bunch.

Another comment he made that struck me was the fact that they are uber liberals who hate conservatives. I know for a fact that Fox is very liberal. It kills them that they have an embarrassing conservative-leaning show. They don’t want it and if they have to lose viewers to get rid of that point of view, they will do it.

Look at what is going on in college campuses, in movies, in Hollywood, with our literature. Do you think a conservative can get a book published easily?

If you want to know more about the O’Reilly witch hunt, click this link. As an aside, O’Reilly has a parachute worth $25 million a year and won’t be hurting for money, but he did find this “disheartening”. We wish he’d take Hannity, Tucker, Beck and a few others an buy some obscure network and send Fox News to its death.

I have no idea if O’Reilly is a cad. The hard-left dredged up a 10-year old case which was never proven. Women suddenly have come out of the woodwork and the NY Times made it a high profile report. Are they lying like mattress girl? Could be. Maybe not. There certainly is a lot of smoke around the issue. Kirsten Powers claims O’Reilly made inappropriate comments about being grateful she is a blonde but Ailes said O’Reilly is a “jerk” he can’t fire because he makes so much money for the network. However, Kirsten is Ms. Politically Correct and irrational much of the time. This appears to be one more example of that tendency.

In the end, before you make a definitive judgement, think Duke LaCrosse and wonder if you’ve been Nyfonged.

The latest woman to come out is definitely lying. The communist professor who used to work at Occidental, Caroline Heldmond, was on Tuckers’ show recently and was – for a while – a frequent guest on The O’Reilly Factor. She claims – with no details – that O’Reilly sexually harrassed her. I saw her on O’Reilly’s show and it was blatantly obvious he couldn’t stand her and didn’t even want her on his show. There is no way he had an interest in the arrogant commie. No way!

Settlements are required with these high profile people and in no way an admission of guilt.

That doesn’t mean O’Reilly didn’t give them ammunition but please understand there is a War on Fox and O’Reilly leaving is the beginning of the end for the only sometimes conservative outlet. Republicans and Conservatives have no way to get their message out.

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6 years ago

Beck is douchetastic.

6 years ago

I doubt that $13 million was given out for frivolous lawsuits. These cases were settled to avoid public exposure of the star. The first complaint is available from the case 10 years ago. I am not easily persuaded by sexual harassment cases. In that case, I found the complaint to be credible, because there were several claimed incidents over a long period. The women left Fox without filing anything, returned 2 years later at O’Reilly’s urging, and claimed the harassment resumed.

Soros does not actually gain by having a real conservative in the 8 PM time slot. Carlson will not give the soft treatment to leftist radicals that O’Reilly did. O’Reilly had an army of them on his show. O’Reilly made the careers of some leftist radicals, who now appear regularly on other networks. I am not aware of any significant conservative voices, or ideas that O’Reilly brought to the airwaves.

6 years ago

Sorry to see O’Reilly betrayed. I hope they fail with Carlson. His voice is very much needed. The problem is that the Murdoch brothers are among the Klan of Progressives that want Conservative voices silenced in America. If they succeed with getting rid of Carlson, Eric Bolling must be aware that he is next.