Alveda King Voted for Trump, Reminds Rep. Lewis of His Legacy


The media and the Democrats have manufactured a controversy over statements made by Rep. John Lewis, an icon of the Civil Rights era, and a response by President-elect Donald Trump.

The congressman decided to play politics and attempted to damage Trump’s presidency. Trump in turn told him to fix his district of Atlanta which he described as crime-infested.

Atlanta is in the top ten murder capitals of the nation. That’s a fact.

The media wants you to believe Rep. Lewis can’t be criticized. That’s absurd and the silencing of opposition has to stop. Criticisms against him have nothing to do with his race or his prior courageous actions. We must deal in the here-and-now and honesty is a necessary prerequisite for solving problems.

Rep. Lewis’s ad hominem attack on Senator Sessions was a disgrace and his attacks on Trump are uncalled for. Even heroes need to be called out from time-to-time. Being a hero doesn’t make a person infallible.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece Alveda King was asked about Rep. Lewis’s statement that Donald Trump is an “illegitimate president.” As a side note, he also found George W. Bush’s election to be “illegitimate”.

She said she admires Rep. Lewis’s legacy and strongly suggested he stay on track with “nonviolent conflict resolution”. He can “actually help America by working with the president” and “not being adversarial” she continued.

“Atlanta actually does need help so I really agree with the President”, she added. She “voted for him” and wants to remind Congressman Lewis of that “powerful legacy” he has of “nonviolent conflict resolution.”

Ms. King is an Evangelist and she is praying that we “work together as brothers and sisters”.


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