Amazing Coincidence – the U.N. & Obama Administration Want to Ban Children From U.S. Farms



Update: 4/27: Under intense pressure, the Obama administration dropped rules that would have kept children from working on farms, using farm equipment and working in feed lots, grain bins, and stockyards. It will be back when Obama is more flexible.

Original Story: 4/26: Rule making is one of the ways the Executive Branch plans to circumvent our Constitution. One of the latest power grabs comes from Obama’s Department of Labor.

There are no problems for children working on family farms in the United States because safety regulations are already quite strict. That does not matter to the Obama administration.

Hilda Solis of the Department of Labor is pushing 85 pages of nonsensical and highly damaging rules which will prohibit children from working at anything on any U.S. farm.

Growing and working on a family farm is not only a long honored tradition, but it teaches values that only life experience can provide. Read more here.

The Human Rights’ arm of the U.N. has wanted these rules for a long time. They have no interest in U.S. success so you might want to look askance at anything they say with regard to the U.S..

The U.N. wants the U.S. to approve a treaty with their member nations that will put parental rights under U.N. supervision. Read here. Telling farming families what their children can do on their own farms is a giant step in that direction.

It is not surprising that Obama and the U.N. would agree on this issue. They are coming from the same ideology.


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