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George Demos, a candidate for Congress, violated The Hatch Act and it’s not his only violation!

Candidate for congress in CD-1 on Long Island’s East End, George Demos, might surpass the incumbent congressman, Tim Bishop, for ethical violations, though it’s probably close.

Incredibly, it has been made public that Demos allegedly violated The Hatch Act in 2004. Long Island Attorney Larry Kelly exposed this latest scandal.

George Demos was reportedly serving as an SEC investigator the first time he ran for Congress on Long Island. It’s a conflict of interests.

That violation is on top of his ethical violation for ratting out a whistleblower to JP Morgan Chase, the bank he was investigating at the time.

A federal agent violating the Hatch Act is one of the more serious ethical breaches.

It appears that Demos screened as a candidate for Congress in 2004 while he worked for the SEC.  He screened at the Selden Fire House in 2004 according to several eyewitnesses.

It is prohibited for a federal employee, particularly an SEC investigator, to run for a nomination or present oneself as a candidate for election to a partisan political office (5 United States Code 7323).

There is no evidence he told his superiors that he broke the law. An offending employee is subject to termination of his/her employment with the federal government and a five year ban on further federal employment if it is found out. The employee can appeal and be given a lesser punishment. None of that happened so it’s likely he kept silent.

The following is a shortened audio clip from the interview with Larry Kelly but I urge people to listen to the entire interview:

You can find more information and listen to the interview with Larry Kelly on this link.

If you are unaware of the whistleblower situation, another serious ethical violation by Demos, you might want to familiarize yourself with it before voting.

It’s really a terrible thing to do to someone. I believe there would be bipartisan agreement on that. Imagine yourself a whistleblower as you listen to this video.


Demos has been spreading a campaign of lies about his opponent Lee Zeldin with hardly any mention of the Democrat in the race.

That could be because he is funded by his far-left, Pelosi-supporting family and their far-left California friends. His funding comes largely from his wife’s family and they are very close to the Pelosi family.

Demos’ father-in-law has partnered with Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul. There is also an ambassadorship worth noting, and you can read more about it at the Washington Free Beacon.

Demos has been knocking on doors in the neighborhood and when he reached my friend’s door, he told her that his father-in-law had only one business dealing with the Pelosi family. I guess he doesn’t like the fact it is becoming well-known that he is a Pelosi-Republican.

The rest of his money is mostly obtained at NYC fundraisers. Ninety-six percent of his money comes from outside Long Island.

He spends little time on Long Island and only rents here. He hasn’t worked since 2010. He has been running for this congressional seat since 2004 and has yet to pay real estate taxes here.

He is supported in ads by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, but you should know that Giuliani’s top political advisor and the man he is in business with – Jake Manges – has been hired by Demos to work on his campaign.

Demos also has the backing of Annenberg’s factcheck dot org. Annenberg is the organization that gave endless sums of money to communist Bill Ayers and Stalinist Mike Klonsky. Annenberg likes to make a big deal out of their connections to the Republican Party to show they are unbiased but they are very largely far-left.

Demos has no backing from any political party on Long Island. The Republican Party and the Conservative Party support Lee Zeldin.

Demos’ lies include an absurd claim that Zeldin voted for Obamacare even though it wasn’t even possible for Zeldin to vote for Obamcare.


Demos’ other lies are endless and just as crazy. One of Demos’ other ridiculous lies is to say that Zeldin voted for the SAFE Act.

Listen to what Zeldin said at the Second Amendment rally in Albany shortly after the vote for the SAFE Act:

Demos won’t debate Lee Zeldin on the issues but continues to tell people it’s the other way around. He offered to debate Zeldin without moderation on a very narrowly-defined topic. He knew it was a debate challenge that could not be accepted and he won’t accept Zeldin’s challenge to debate with a moderator on a range of issues.

Even I have been victimized by Demos either lying or cooperating with a lie. He knows there is a website mimicking this one that is fraudulently using my name to post vicious, deceitful articles about Lee Zeldin. He has said nothing to straighten that out.

He neither takes ownership nor disavows it. The person running the website is a leftist living in San Francisco, not far from Nancy Pelosi. Since both he and Bishop are Nancy’s preferred candidates, it’s impossible to know which one is more likely to be connected to this person.

The only one in the race who doesn’t have ethical violations – Lee Zeldin – also happens to have impeccable character, serving his country as a Major in the reserves. Senator Zeldin is an Iraqi War Veteran, and one of the state Senators who fought against Obamacare, the SAFE Act, and the MTA tax.

George Demos wins our four Pinocchio award for perfecting the art of lying.

Demos wins 4 Pinocchios

Update: 5/09/14

In 2009, the whistleblower, Peter Sivere, complained about Demos’ serious ethical breach in revealing his (Sivere’s) name to his employer. In his response, George Demos said he has never violated the rules of ethics. If he was unaware that he was breaking the law then he needs to explain to the committee that he misinformed them.

This is part of the response letter George Demos sent to the committee:


It should be noted that aside from saying he “never violated a single Commission rule or practice”, he expressed dismay in the letter as to why Mr. Sivere would accuse him. Demos denied he was the one who ratted out Mr. Sivere in other words. It wasn’t until POGO’s FOIA request revealed that the redacted name of the rat was George Demos that he admitted it with a whole new round of excuses.


Update: 05/10/14: Interview with Maureen Dowling on the John Gomez Show




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